January 18, 2018

Leg-uary 18th

THE SCENE: Icy, snowpacked 16F

  • Capri lap
  • SSH x 18 IC
  • Windmills x 18 IC
  • Finkle swings x 18 IC (each leg)
  • Cotton pickers x 18 IC

*mosey to hill near workout area*

Dora 1-2-3’s (Leg Edition)

PAX partnered up. PAX 1 performs selected exercise at top of hill while PAX 2 moseys down the hill to workout area and performs 25 step-ups (each leg) and then moseys backwards back to PAX 1. Collectively each set of partners performs 100 jump squats, 200 side lunges, 300 squats, and 400 calf raises.

*mosey back to flag*

Leg Wrecker

Split into 2 groups. Group 1 approximately 25 yards away from Group 2. Group 1 lunged to Group 2, while Group 2 held Al Gore. Group 2 then lunged back to start, while Group 1 held Al Gore. Rinsed and repeated with backward lunges.


  • XYs x 18 IC
  • Gas pumps x 18 IC
  • Windshield wipers x 18 IC

5 PAX: Gus, Lipton, Ozark, Shy Guy, and Bruce
QIC works from home and shared how he feels guilty not spending time with his 2.0s when they ask him to while they are on snow days.  We all focus on our work way more than we should. However, we should not feel guilty for taking care of our responsibilities.  Instead, allot time to spend with your family/2.0s, as they are more important than any job will ever be.
PAX got after it on another icy day at The Berm. Prayers for Hitch’s newest 2.0 Frankie and for Soybean’s mom.