April 16, 2019


THE SCENE: Great for working out. Just like every other day.

SSH x 15 IC
Willie Mays x 10 IC
Daisy Picker x 10 IC
Brisk mosey towards the soccer fields, abrupt right turn to locate the only hill of note nearby
Clock Merkins x 12 IC – YHC did not calculate that on a 4-count, this meant 96 merkins without recovery. We failed to complete this exercise
Motivators (1-10)
– 2 count hop
– armless SSH
– half SSH (arms to the side)
Partner up for Leg wreckers
partner 1 does wall sit while partner 2 does Lt. Dan (1 to 5)

Rinse and repeat!

We were short on time, so we did 6 count on clock merkins, 5-10 on motivators and 3-5 on Lt. Dan

Mosey back to the location that we began working out at that shall not be referred to as startex as we did not restart the workout. 

Flutterkicks x 12 IC
Hello Dolly x 12 IC
Box Cutters x 12 IC
Freddie Mercury x12 IC
Hold plank

7 (0 FNG)
Never complain about the weather. It’s a beautiful day and there will likely be few complaints today. Summer is coming and many will complain. Complaining about the weather accomplishes nothing. Worse than that, it has negative impact. We are men, designed for action. Complaining about something you cannot affect in any way allows you to think weak thoughts of the “woe is me” variety. 

Let the weather inform how you dress for the day, not what you do. 
1 year of F3 has been amazing. I’m certainly more fit, but the fellowship and growth in leadership and thinking of others has transformed my mind. I look forward to seeing my brothers in the gloom throughout another year!

Motivators are awful and need to become a staple of our workouts.