September 20, 2018

Leg day at The Annex

THE SCENE: Coolish and dry. We have been hitting some great morning temps lately!

Arm Circles x 10 forwards then backwards IC; Windmills x 20 IC; Daisey Pickers x 20 IC; SSH IC to 15 then count silently and stop @ 21 (Pax did this marvelously, no penalty. The Dova counting game is STRONG); Daisey Pickers x 20 IC; OYO Usain Bolt 45s (YHCs fave); OYO 10 Wolverine Burpees (YHC modified this to 5, Grimace had already done 6) Quick Mosey to the Pavilion
Aiken Legs (20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (2 legs = 1), 20 Split Jacks) AMRAP for 6 Min.

Moseyed to Choker’s Hill for 11’s Jump Squats up top, Burpees down low

Since we conquered the hill we showed it who’s boss for 4 min with a quadraphilia (sprint down the hill forwards, then back up sprinting in reverse)

Mosey to flag

Red light, Yellow light, Green light. Billy Blanks (reverse crunches, and windshild wipers), Harbaugh (LBCs)
U-rock, Billy Blanks, Grimace, Harbaugh, Speedy
YHC is constantly encouraged by the pax who post. Our time is short, lets make the most of it. YHC’s chosen profession constantly reveals the depravity and frailty on the human condition. Everyone who posts is a HIM, making higher choices to not only the benefit of themselves but also to everyone they come in contact with. Keep it up MEN! Onward!
YHC absolutely hates waking earlier than he absolutely hasto, but made it out to preruck with U-rock. The caliber men that F3 has hooked and who post regularly or when life allows is excellent. It was good time spent.
Grow Ruck is upon us. Prayers for an injury free night will be set ya’lls way.