March 5, 2018

Leg Day.

THE SCENE: The Lair; 48 degrees and rain showers



SSH IC x 20
Arm Circles (front and Back) IC x 20
Static arm and leg stretches
High leg kicks 20 yards 

Worked the “Four Corners” around the turf fields to blast our legs

100 yard deep lunges to northeast corner (20 merkins)
50 yard bear crawl to next corner (20 merkins)
100 yard reverse lunges to next corner (20 merkins)
50 yard Army Crawl to starting place (20 merkins)

Round 2
100 yard side lunges (40 one-legged calf raises)
50 yard high knees (40 one leg calf raises)
100 yard jump squats (40 one leg calf raises)
50 yard high knees (40 one leg calf raises)

Lunge walk to benches
40 body weight decline dips
40 incline merkins
Lunge Walk Back to starting place

Flutter Kicks x 30
Hello Dollies x 20
Jane Fondas x 30
Static Flutter Kicks x 2 min on command

4; O-Positive, Reboot, Che’Bang and Backseat (YHC)

YHC read from Revelation 3:19-20
The Lord rebukes and disciplines us because He loves us. It’s our human nature to resist correction, but God molds us closer to His image through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. PAX were encouraged this week to examine their hearts to ensure that they heed discipline after sinning and welcome God’s loving correction. Lifted up OP’s son, Reboot’s mother and Che’Bang’s mother in prayer.

Weather was not ideal and kept too many men in the fartsack. Spring is just around the corner and more men should start posting.  But we shall see.

A lot of good things around the corner.  2ndF and 3rdF opportunities and much more. Stay tuned…