August 2, 2019

Leaving it All At The Levee (8/2/2019)

THE SCENE: You could cut the humidity with a knife. As we approached 5:30, “Back in Black” by AC/DC started blasting over the bluetooth speaker. Great morning to Accelerate

Done and Done


  • SSH x 50
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Slow Daily Pickers x 15
  • Deep Lunge Stretch Right Leg – 10 Sec
  • Deep Lunge Stretch Left Leg – 10 Sec

Mosey single file to skatepark (Thunderstruck by AC/DC)

Bear crawl two laps around the skatepark’s bowl-of-gloooom. We then started by partnering off and performed 3 Sets of 25 Merkins / Squats. Pax Number 1 performs one exercise and the other performs the other…..swap and repeat for 3 rounds.

Mosey to the parking lot and stopping to do 30 SSH along the way

Flower by Mobey – Musical Mayhem……..Jump squats on “Bring Sally Up”

Mosey to Tennis Courts and stopping to do 30 SSH along the way

Dora (Gimme all Your Lovin by ZZ top)

  • 75 Mountain Climbers (2=1) while one pax bear crawls to net and runs back
  • 50 BBP while one pax crabwalks to net and runs back
  • 50 Merkins while one pax bearcrawls to net and runs back

Mosey to the first lamp post outside of tennis courts, we started off with sprint between every other light lightpole. Mosey between the alternating lightpoles (4 total sprints) – (The Final Countdown by Europe)

  • Route 66 – Bobby Hurleys
  • Route 66 back – Dips

Finally, we dug deep and performed a Merlot-o-rama, Splash Town Sprint –  150 yards back to flag to finish

None – Everyone Burned 1000+ calories and earned the weekend

20 PAX – No FNGs
Focused on being present and mindful of living in the moment. Dont worry about the past or daydream about the future. Be present with your job, family, friends and even posting. There is no such thing as multitasking……..more was said but you get the gist of it

LAVAJAVA was rocking and everyone was in good spirits.
KOTB Monday 8/5 at the Levee.