November 1, 2020

Leadership Lessons from Hannibal Barca

Glorious fall morning this November 1st!


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Daisy Pickers IC 10, Imperial Walkers IC 10, Hillbillies IC 10.

Ran out to the fields behind Walnut Grove. At the halfway point discussed some of the qualities that the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca used to his advantage during the Second Punic War (218-201 BC). Hannibal was one of the most skilled and successful enemy that Rome ever faced. He successfully took an army of thousands of men, in a mercenary army and loose confederates as well as elephants, on the very difficult journey across the Alps and into the Italian Peninsula. He had to gain and retain the trust of his troops. He was not afraid to do the same tasks he asked his men to perform. He would sleep under the stars in all elements.

On the route back, to commemorate Hannibal’s march through the Alps, did sprints up and down the hills.  Since there were no bridges across the rivers, did bear crawls over the bridge.

WW1 Sit-ups IC 10.

Landline, O Positive, Hobe, Chef, Halpert, Orange Julius (QIC)

Continuing on with Hannibal, he had to combine brilliant strategy and tactics with out right boldness and courage. this is most notably remember at the Battle of Cannae. The resultant carnage left tens of thousands of dead soldiers in an area the size of New York’s Central Park. At this battle, Hannibal personally a bold ruse from the center making the Romans believe he was retreating and his front line was collapsing. it turned out to be a complete encirclement. This has gone down in the annals of military history as one of the quintessential battles of all time. Without the care and attention to detail that Hannibal paid to his troops it is not likely he would have achieved this level of success. “not once did his troops mutiny against him. He won their love and respect. Many of the ways that he did this were simple things. He made sure, whenever possible, that his men were well fed going into battle. He payed close attention to their attitude, and was ready to give encouragement or an inspiring speech if he saw their spirits flagging.


Always a good group of solid Pax at the Green Mile!

Orange Julius
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