April 24, 2019

Le Royale (avec fromage)

THE SCENE: Bermie and beautiful.  Not too cold, not too hot (yet…)


SSH x25 IC

Hillbillies x15 IC

Daisy Pickers x15 IC

Burpees x15 OYO

Grabbed a CMU and moseyed to the football field soccer pitch lacrosse playing place.

Quarter pounder (250 reps without CMU)

  • Sprint 25 yds- 25 merkins.  Run backwards to start
  • Sprint 50 yds- 50 squats.  Run backwards to start
  • Sprint 75 yds- 75 mountain climbers.  Run backwards to start
  • Sprint 100 yds- 100 SSH.  (You get the idea)

Quarter pounder with cheese (250 reps with CMU)

  • Sprint 25 yds- 25 kettlebell swings.  Run back to start
  • Sprint 50 yds- 50 curls.  Back to start
  • Sprint 75 yds- 75 BBSUs.  Back to start
  • Sprint 100 yds- 100 SSH.  Back to start

Finished with a quick repeat of the merkins, squats, and mountain climbers before heading back to endex.

Flutter kick x25 IC

LBC x25 IC

American Hammer x25 IC

Dealers choice- JLos (forgot the count due to pain), Guantanamo (2 rounds), side plank dips x5 each side IC

8- Ups (QIC), Tomb Raider, Cheese Steak, Beauty Shop, Four Eyes, Flatland, Lipton, Cougar
The word “Christian”  has sometimes become a bad/taboo word in modern society.  Some of that is getting a bad rap from people not representing Christ in the right way.  We should let others see God’s love through us.  And it doesn’t take much, often times just small acts are all it takes to shine God’s light.  Pax encouraged to find a small way to show that love to someone else.
Prayers for Cougar, Rabbit, and others going through the stress of a job search.  Prayers for Four Eyes family after their move and settling in a new neighborhood.
Brew Ruck- do it!