July 15, 2020

Lazy Dora’s Did Not Feel That Lazy….Berm 7/14

The Scene

74 degrees F

88% humidity


F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

Done & Done


Warm o Rama

27 SSH – IC (absolutely no reason I didn’t stop at 25)

15 daisy pickers

15 Imperial walkers

Baby arm circles (10 forward and 10 back)

15 Michael Phelps


The Thang


Merkin/Burpee/Jack Mile

Mosey around the Sea Isle Park Path.

Stop at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 mile marks (startex) and did the following:

5 Burpees

15 Merkins

25 Medicine Ball jacks – IC


Lazy Doras

All PAX partnered up.

P1 does 10 merkins while P2 holds plank – flapjack until pair completes a total of 100 merkins

P1 does 20 LBCs while P2 holds 6 inches – flapjack until pair completes a total of 200 LBCs

P1 does 25 Squats while P2 does squat hold – flapjack until pair completes a total of 300 squats



Hello Dollies IC

Freddie Mercuries IC

Hold plank 30 seconds until time


Circle of Trust

We are in weird times and for many, stressful times.  I for one, while feeling very lucky for my family, health and job, am feeling stressed about work and all the uncertainty right now.  I urge others to reach out to talk if you need to.  Sometimes just expressing and acknowledging what you are feeling helps you cope with it.  We as men are taught as young boys to be tough and not show our emotion and that we have to be strong for all those around us.  Being strong doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your fears or concerns.  Reach out to a fellow F3 brother if you need to….this is why we are here.



I haven’t posted at the Berm in a long time….was great to sign up to Q a workout and get out and see and meet some fresh faces.  I love that each AO has its own vibe….I encourage others to branch out to a new AO or one you haven’t been to in a while.  The Berm boys arrive early….6 of the 8 guys were there 5 mins early (I’ll just assume that’s the way it always is and it wasn’t excitement for my Q).  Loved seeing Bird-R-Real waiting in the parking lot after a long night working at the FedEx Hub – I for one, am grateful for guys like him that are doing what they do to help us all get through this pandemic….my wife and I have been to the store 5 or 6 times in 3 months so online shopping and delivery is very much appreciated and it wouldn’t be possible without his hard work and pilots like Ups….thanks Brothers!  The Berm dudes demonstrated much greater coordination during medicine ball jacks than my Levee and Blazing Saddles brothers having during recent Qs.

Have never done Lazy Doras but they were a good change – look on the Exicon and bring something new to your next Q.


Give to Alcy Ball Development Corporation if you can…..make sure you notate that you’re donating on behalf of The Levee 🙂


Workout Date: