February 5, 2018

Laz’s Ladder

QIC: Lazarus

PAX: Slicnut, Billy Blanks, Captain Obvious, Woody

AO: The Levee

THE SCENE: 25F and chilly



  • SSHs ICx25
  • BACs ICx15 F&R
  • Cotton Pickers ICx15
  • Leg Circles ICx15 R&L


Laz’s Ladder:

**Mosey 100yrds then sprint 100yds before, between , and after ladder sets.**

  • 1st ladder – Broad jump, 1 merkin, broad jump 2 merkins… up to 10 merkins.  Turn around and descend, hold plank till all in.
  • 2nd ladder – Broad jump, 1 squat jump, broad jump, 2 squat jumps…..up to 10 squat jumps.  Turn around and descend.  Hold Al Gore till all in.
  • 3rd ladder – Bear crawl 1 parking space, 1 BBS, bear crawl 1 parking space, 2 BBSs…. up to 10 BBSs.  Turn around and descend, hold crunch position till all in.
  • 4th ladder – Bear crawl 5yrds, 1 Carolina dry dock, bear crawl 5yrds, 2 Carolina dry docks…. up to 10 Carolina dry docks.  Turn around and descend, hold dry dock position till all in.


  • Flutter Kicks ICx25
  • Jack Knife ICx10
  • Pickle Pounders ICx15


5 PAX, No FNGs


QIC encouraged PAX to always strive to get better in every area of their lives starting with fitness, and the disciplines achieved.  QIC used himself as an example that for the 2nd time, he tried using a 20lb weight vest during a beatdown ( Saturday Mothership) and this time was able to keep it on the whole time, 1 full hour.  The first, at a 45 min Black Ops, QIC couldn’t keep it on the whole time.  Then, this gloom, QIC woke up and was so sore that he almost called an Omaha to Q at the Levee.  But he didn’t….. he got out of the fartsack, got to the AO and led the PAX through a smokefest that clearly had QIC wishing he called an Omaha!  At every new level we come to, there will be pain, confusion, fatigue, discouragement, just as if we were starting all over again.  But just as we pushed through in the beginning, we need to continue to push through at every level, not accepting comfort and security as ok.  If we do, we plateau, we hit a ceiling, and so does our influence in the lives of others.

Prayers for Dirty Deeds and his situation, and for Woody to gain reconciliation in a relationship with certain family members.


Slicnut was dripping slicnut profusely, Captain Obvious definitely ate his wheaties this gloom, Woody and Billy Blanks pushed hard while QIC tried to keep up. We ALL got better together!


New AO Tobey grand opening tomorrow.  The Annex will be moving shortly.