December 4, 2017

Lazarus pound for pound beatdown!

AO: The Old Forrest

QIC: Lazarus

PAX: Four Eyes, Pirtle, Heavy Weight, Cargo, Crayfish, Bookworm, Shoestring, Ghost Dog, Blow Back

Conditions: 50 and gloomy


SSH x 25 (IC)
Windmills x 15 (IC)
Baby arm circles x 15 forward and reverse (IC)
Mosey to the Levitt Shell

During mosey, YHC halted PAX 3 times to perform the following:

Merkins x 25 (IC)                                             Burpees x 10                                                     Squat jumps x 10

The Thang: Burn baby burn!

Derkins x 10 (IC) then sprint up the hill.   Merkins x 10 (IC) then sprint back down. Burpees x 5 then squat walk up the hill. Burpees x 5 the squat walk back down. Box jumps x 10 then frog jump up hill. Box jumps x 10 then frog jump back down. Mountain climbers x 15 then bear crawl up hill. Mountain climbers x 15 then bear crawl back down. 10 sec breather then one last sprint back up and down the hill.

Mosey back to SP halting twice for 10 count merkins and squats.


Hello Dolly x 25 (IC)
Jacknife x 10 (IC)
Flutter Kicks x 30 (IC)



COT: YHC talked about how as a child we believe and perceive truth taught to us by those in authority over us. Never questioning, but blindly believing. Becoming an adult man, becoming a leader, we must own our beliefs and know for certain, what we believe is the truth. We are accountable to NO flesh but God, and NO one is in authority over us but Him. We must stop believing things we were taught that deep down inside we really just don’t understand and/ or believe could be wrong. We must not be cowardly children anymore, but men that question reality, and seek the truth. Even if that means calling a belief false when it was or is given to us by those we’ve been closest to all our lives. This is a man, this is a leader.