November 6, 2018

LAX Ladder Tribute, followed by sweet pastries

THE SCENE: Foggy, quite and mid-50’s.  You could almost hear the hum of the G-town community security cameras.


PAX were expertly disclaimed providing a placebo effect for those scared of lawsuits.


HB’s X 20 IC, DP’s X 20 IC, Shoulder Press X 20 IC

Mosey lap down to the stables and back to the field.

PAX lined up under the pines facing the field which was segmented into three parts, four lines.

Round 1:

  • Two lines of orange pin flags approx. 15 yds apart in the field provided us with a ladder (suicide) set up.
  • First segment consisted of Crab Walk to Walk Crab back to start
  • 2nd segment we Bear Crawled to and Crawl Beared back
  • Final segment (and longest) was an all out sprint followed by a backward run.
  • At each line, 5 Burpees were performed prior to the next exercise.
  • completed round:  20 Burpees total, Crab Walk, Walk Crab, Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Sprint, Backward Run.

Round 2 – 4:  Rinse and repeat (total of 80 Burpees and lots of wet hands and knees)

1 minute Partner Leg Throw Down, switched position, 1 minute Partner Leg Throw Down.

American Hammer X 25 IC

6 PAX (no FNGs)

Spiritual discipline of the “Holy NO”.

“How are you?”  Busy.

My typical response when not responding instinctively with the typical ‘fine’.  I find that I have a hard time saying NO.  NO can be good, the English language categorizes this as a negative but it also should be used as a positive.

We take on too much and it’s detrimental to acceleration.  Extra house projects, side jobs, sports, yes even another men’s Bible study!  Don’t try to cram all this into a day.  What happens is that our relationship with God suffers, our wives suffer, our children suffer, and our quest for daily survival supplants excelling in our gifting.  Usually we shouldn’t give a damn about what the enemy is doing, but it is an effective strategy to keep us busy in things we think are holy but  make us ineffective.

Say NO more, prioritize your relationship with God first, wife second, 2.0’s a distant third.  Say NO, to that extra F3 workout, say NO to that third birthday party on a Saturday, say NO to that third Sunday service  small group Chan video worship series (unless Cheese Steak is leading).

When you prioritize your relationship to God, Wife, Kids, Friends than all the other little things fall into the void spaces that remain.  Your heart, mind, spirit, and energy will be focused on the things that matter and give you new eyes and a new heart to take advantage of the opportunities given you.  NO cramming necessary.

Loved the 2nd F out at Blazing Saddle.  We pushed it today.

Thanks to U-rock for providing the coffee and warm cinnamon rolls.
AO Olympics this Saturday at the Mothership.  Come on out and represent.