June 11, 2018

Launch the Cockpit

Date: 06/11/2018

AO: The Cockpit

QIC: Gus

PAX: No Fuego, Zima, Jasmine, Tree Hugger, Soulja Boy, Woodpecker, Father Abraham, Gus | FNGs: Leaky, Ditch, Short Timer

Conditions: 73F and humid – just awful



Merkin Mile!
.25 mile + 25 merkins
.25 mile + 25 merkins
.25 mile + 25 merkins
.25 mile + 25 merkins—Zima and Father Abraham showed up as we were completing the Mile, just in time to finish the last 25 merkins with the group.

As we were Merkin Miling, I spied with my little eye a bridge. This was  not just any bridge, but a grown-ass bridge made with forged steel girders, probably built by union labor. It went from one side of a concrete drainage ditch to another. In other words, it was totally unnecessary. I made a mental note.

Elevens on the Tennis Court
BBSU on one end
Monkey Humpers on the other end—There might be nothing better than introducing Monkey Humpers to a group of self-respecting FNGs.

Dips & Squats at the Bridge to Nowhere
15 dips / 15 squats
12 dips / 12 squats
9 dips / 9 squats
6 dips / 6 squats
3 dips / 3 squats
While we were dipping and squatting, No Fuego made a snide remark about  counting down by 3s resembling some counting system used by CrossFitters. This ain’t CrossFit, buddy.

Dip & Hold on my command.—That got old fast.

Captain Thor
1/4 all the way to 10/40

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster Until ENDEX

Count-O-Rama (11)


COT / BOM:  I shared a message I often share about experiencing Authentic Manhood by (1) rejecting passivity, (2) accepting responsibility, (3) leading courageously, and (4) expecting a greater reward. This is the first message that resonated with me in a COT, and I was Honored to share it after the first workout at this new AO.

Moleskin: It’s days like today that keep me hooked on F3. Seeing FNGs struggle while brothers that were FNGS not so long ago are beasting it gives a clear picture of increased Fitness. T-claps to Zima, Father Abraham, Tree Hugger, Jasmine, Woodpecker, and No Fuego for helping set the pace. Special T-claps to Soulja Boy for putting in the work necessary for a successful AO Launch! The Cockpit is in good hands.