December 4, 2019

LATs in the Old Forrest!!!

Warm of Rama:


Tha Thang:

LATs! [LAT= “long-ass table” not “long ass-table” as Barnum indicated earlier. The hyphen makes all the difference. One way emphasizes how long the table is.  The other way sounds like a trip to doctor’s office for the over 40 age-bracket. We will call them LATs for the rest of the Backblast for brevity and to avoid over usage of the word ass]

There are 4 LATs in the OF. With a nice mosey in between the long ends of the course. 5 rounds.

Round 1:

2 box jumps to top of LAT, walk down, 7 dry docks. Rinse and repeat for LATs 2,3,4.

Round 2:

2 box jumps to top of LAT, walk down, 14 tricep extensions… run all LATs

Round 3:

2 box jumps and 21 Squats… you get it by now right?

Round 4:

2 box jumps per LAT and 28 you-choose your favorite form of Merkin. This was painful.

Round 5:

YHC anxiously confided to Mama’s Boy that the workout went faster than expected. M-Boy called out 2 box jumps and 3 burpees.  YHC had hoped to create the first workout in F3 history with no burpees… and failed.


Went around the circle and called on PAX to call out an exercise. YHC was too tired by then to remember… but recalls Aww Yeahs, ABCs, Cockroaches and maybe Bald Eagles if that is even a real thing.


This was my VQ. PAX were tolerant, offering “suggestions” on occasion during the workout.

Using the LATs was great! You can modify up or down using the bench or table top.  The mosey in between the LATs kept the workout moving along with a nice cardio kick. Easily Amused carried the “torch” – an orange strobe light around all 3 tables during round 1 and left it on LAT #4 as a homing beacon. Shoestring encouraged us to deeper squats (not all of our legs bend to 45 degrees Shoestring) & Mama’s Boy and others did Dry docks off the top of the table which looked hard. Lots of flexibility to the workout.


Prayers for Spicy Cash who returns to India, Dewey who continues a new job combining his musical talents with tour-guiding, and all running in St Jude may we pray also for all children at St Jude and the amazing work they do for the world right here in Memphis! Could not find Slow Poke listed but he was here today as well!

Old Forrest
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