March 23, 2018

Ladders in the Tower

AO:  The Barracks

QIC:  Toms

THE SCENE:   50* and a little wet.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMERSo safe we did it twice.  And a half.


SSH x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Mosey 2 times around the track.  Rinse and repeat alternating between butt kickers, high knees, mosey, and karaoke.

Stretch what ails you for about 30-45 seconds.  Mosey to the parking garage.


Suicides/Ladders.  Each level of the parking garage is one rung.  Run to level 1, back down.  Run to level 2, back down.  Run to level 3, back down.  Run to level 4, back down.

Once you have made it to the top of the garage and back down, perform 5-count (each) circuit of Merkins / Squat jumps / Carolina Dry Docks / Big Boy Sit ups.

At all in, perform one more circuit, then sprint to level 1.  Mosey back to start for Mary.


V-up twists (essentially a Big Boy Sit-up mixed with an American Hammer) x 15 IC.

Costello user’s choice:  Jumping W’s?  Think leg thrust, but alternating between right side, middle, and left side.  We did 15 or so IC.


16 PAX, 2 FNGs.  Snookie, Phat Pat, Bottomless, Crayfish, Vocals, Shoestring, Handsy, Beauty Shop, Costello, Pirtle, Chop Shop (Willy Loman from F3 Naperville), Mmmbop, Teacher’s Pet, Toms, Hobo (FNG), Promise Ring (FNG).


This life wasn’t mean to be easy.  It has its struggles, but it is also temporary.  One day, we will step into eternity.  YHC encouraged the PAX to view the present in light of eternity.

Prayers for Woodpecker’s family, Shoestring’s FIL, Bruce’s FIL, Crayfish’s neighbor, Teacher’s Pet’s brother, Pirtle’s son’s scans on Monday, and the city of Memphis as MLK50 approaches.


YHC had a great time this morning, even though he almost passed out from poor layering choices.  While Phat Pat was running back to his car to grab a shovel flag, he EH’d a FNG (Hobo) that was stretching on the corner getting ready to run.  T-claps to Hobo for joining in the crazy!  T-claps to Phat Pat for being Phat Pat.  Gus had also HC’d to post and to pick up our Willy Loman in route.  Buuuuuut that didn’t happen.  T-claps to Chop Shop for showing up anyway!  We gave Gus a standing ovation for his Starsky, so it’s all good.


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