December 30, 2020


Really just happy somebody else showed up today.


Given. Modify as necessary, but not until necessary.
Tony Hawk Motivators, down from 5. (These are here to stay)

Imperial Walkers 15x IC

Daisy Pickers 10x IC

Merkins 10x IC

Lunge and Twist 10x IC

BOMBS format, but not spelling bombs. Partner 1 does reps, while partner 2 carries sandbag across parking lot and back. Then flip flop. Once you pick up the sandbag to start the workout, you can not put it down, until the entire workout is complete. If a sandbag touches the ground, you and your partner each have 5 burpees, then continue where you left off. Unless otherwise noted, we did 100 reps of each exercise, as a pair.


Overhead Press


Hang Cleans

Turkish Get-Ups (50 reps)

Extensions (of the legs)


Burpee sandbag throws until 6:15

4 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Beauty Shop (AOQ), Prince Ali, Rabbit

Finish the Drill. We have a tendency to get to where we can see the finish line, let off the gas, and coast to the end. In a sprint, we get 90% of the way there, and then ease across the finish line. Teams blow big leads all the time, because they quit focusing on what it was that got them that lead in the first place. Whatever you are doing, finish it all the way through, and then take the time to relax. At the end of this horrible year, we have the finish line in sight for this pandemic, as people around us are beginning to receive the vaccine. Do not relax now. Continue to be vigilant about health and safety when out in public, and in groups of people outside of your normal family circle.

T-Claps to Beauty Shop for a job well done as AOQ at Barracks. It is Prince Ali’s turn to lead the men who like to lift heavy bags.

I wanted a weighted workout, where you can not put the weight down until the entire workout is complete. Our brain tells us we NEED to put the weight down, but we do not. We are just tired. We can push further than we think we are capable of. Each group did 650 reps with a 60# bag, and each PAX probably walked over a mile carrying that same sandbag, in between the reps. With 4 people, a sandbag only touched the ground once, and that was because Beauty Shop needed to tie his shoe. Push yourself.

Turkish Get-Ups with a sandbag are absolutely terrible! I had to do exactly one rep to realize we would not have time for the entire workout, if we went all the way to 100 on that exercise.

The Bauer is coming up January 15-16 at Blazing Saddle

Beauty Shop is starting another 75 Hard Challenge next week.

Others are starting Equinox Challenge this weekend.

Info on all 3 is in Slack.

Workout Date: