March 24, 2020


KICK TO THE NUTS WOD – 1, 2, or 3 Rounds depending on your level of COVID quarantine friskiness. 1 rd = attaboy. 2 rds = well done son. 3 rds = Get some.

Warmorama – 25 SSHs, stretch and loosen up OYO (you’re a grown ass man, but you need to stretch or you’ll hurt yourself)

The Thang:

25 merkins

25 air squats

25 dips (use sturdy chair or bench)

25 Bonnie Blair’s

25 wide grip merkins

25 Bobby Hurleys

25 diamond grip merkins

50 calf raises (use bottom stair somewhere in house)

Mary:  50 BBSUs, repeat for each round with The Thang.

COT: Gentlemen, we are in weird times. Each of us is dealing with different family, work, and life situations that will be strained in one way or another. By the end of this historical period we’re in, we will all know somebody who died or somebody who lost a loved one. There will be job loss of friends and family. Some of us may be hit or have already been hit by one of these things. I’ve learned this about F3 men. F3 men are leaders. F3 men prepare for the uncomfortable life situations, posting shirtless (Ahem, Granola, Tomb Raider) in 20 degree weather. We go rain or shine. We suck it up and push new thresholds because of the man next to us, because of the brother on Q the next day that we want to show up and be there for, because we said we would. We’re stronger together. Today, we have to find new ways to be stronger together apart from each other. I love this group of hard ass men called F3 Memphis. We show up for each other when our homes get flooded and rip out floors and drywall. We drop everything to help each other when it’s needed. We jump in the car to go change a tire because our brother’s wife is stranded with a flat on Germantown Parkway and he’s stuck at the navy base in Millington. We show up for Demo Day when there’s shit to bust down. We hold each other accountable. I want to challenge some accountability on us all during this time, myself included:

  1. Practice Empathy
  2. Evaluate the simplicity, or complexity, of your life. Enjoy the memories your kids will have…That is, “we got out of school, played outside, and mom and dad stayed home from work.”
  3. Strengthen Important Relationships – FaceTime friends and family, reach out to folks and actually listen to them, whatever this looks like to you, try and pursue it.
  4. Invest in getting better – Spend time working ON your business and life, not just in it. It’s common to go though life so fast, moving from one meeting, event and activity to another, that we fail to evaluate how we’re actually making progress toward our highest level priorities. If you end up spending more time at home with less to do (certainly not applicable for healthcare workers), take the time to grow your effectiveness in the most important areas of life. Read an extra book on leadership, marriage, parenting or your favorite hobby. Begin to map out a plan on how to make your next career move or start a new business.

The economy IS going to recover. Get excited about the opportunity in front of you. 

What are you doing to grow yourself at this time?