January 4, 2021


Chilly and quiet. Arrived about 15 minutes early and planted the flag. Steinbrenner and Halpert were finishing up a pre-run at a kill Steinbrenner pace, per Steinbrenner (#ISI). My FNG showed up early as well and we chatted for a bit. Then a mass of cars started to fill up the parking lot. The burritos bringing all the boys to the yard.


Given appropriately, as we had an FNG present. Also went over the 5 key elements that make up any F3 Workout:

+ Are free of charge
+ Are open to all men
+ Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
+ Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
+ End with a Circle of Trust


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

At this point Hello Kitty rolled up and someone commented that “He must be the Metermaid of Collierville

  • Batwings
    • Arm Cricles Forward x 20 IC
    • Arm Circles Reverse x 20 IC
    • Seal Claps x 20 IC
    • Overhead Claps x 20 IC


Moseyed to the worst parking lot in all of Collierville

OG Jack Webb’s 

  • Hand Release Merkin x 1, Shoulder Press x 4
  • Hand Release Merkin x 2, Shoulder Press x 8
  • Hand Release Merkin x 3, Shoulder Press x 12
  • Hand Release Merkin x 4, Shoulder Press x 16
  • Hand Release Merkin x 5, Shoulder Press x 20
  • Hand Release Merkin x 6, Shoulder Press x 24
  • Hand Release Merkin x 7, Shoulder Press x 28
  • Hand Release Merkin x 8, Shoulder Press x 32
  • Hand Release Merkin x 9, Shoulder Press x 36
  • Hand Release Merkin x 10, Shoulder Press x 40

Moseyed a little down the way

Captain Thors

I heard Roots mention that they did this last week (This is one of my favorites. Glad others are using this as well). Ab Slayer!

  • WW1 Sit-up x 1, American Hammers x 4
  • WW1 Sit-up x 2, American Hammers x 8
  • WW1 Sit-up x 3, American Hammers x 12
  • WW1 Sit-up x 4, American Hammers x 16
  • WW1 Sit-up x 5, American Hammers x 20
  • WW1 Sit-up x 6, American Hammers x 24
  • WW1 Sit-up x 7, American Hammers x 28
  • WW1 Sit-up x 8, American Hammers x 32
  • WW1 Sit-up x 9, American Hammers x 36
  • WW1 Sit-up x 10, American Hammers x 40

Moseyed a little bit further

Shoulder Smokers

Someone muttered under their breath that they sure were glad we did those Batwings during the warm up.

  • Carolina Dry Dock x 1, Shoulder Taps x 4
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 2, Shoulder Taps x 8
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 3, Shoulder Taps x 12
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 4, Shoulder Taps x 16
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 5, Shoulder Taps x 20
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 6, Shoulder Taps x 24
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 7, Shoulder Taps x 28
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 8, Shoulder Taps x 32
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 9, Shoulder Taps x 36
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 10, Shoulder Taps x 40

Started moseying back and stopped about 1/2 way to the flag

LT. Dans

It is Quad City after all. My legs were smoked after this one and I was out of breath from calling all these in cadence.

  • Squat x 1, Bonnie Blairs x 4
  • Squat x 2, Bonnie Blairs x 8
  • Squat x 3, Bonnie Blairs x 12
  • Squat x 4, Bonnie Blairs x 16
  • Squat x 5, Bonnie Blairs x 20
  • Squat x 6, Bonnie Blairs x 24
  • Squat x 7, Bonnie Blairs x 28
  • Squat x 8, Bonnie Blairs x 32
  • Squat x 9, Bonnie Blairs x 36
  • Squat x 10, Bonnie Blairs x 40

Moseyed back to the shovel flag with 5 minutes to spare


Did a little bit of a round robin. Called on some folks to pick some Mary exercises

  • Slater (AOQ) – Flutter Kicks x 30ish IC
  • Rocket Launcher – Tony Hawk Burpees x 10 IC
  • Steinbrenner – Some weird plank, pushup, low plank, inch worm combo x 5ish IC
  • YHC – Freddy Mercury x 15ish IC

17 PAX + 1 FNG Lava Lamp (He works in industrial lighting). Steinbrenner was really rooting for Hunny Bunny since his name is Zed.

PAX: Rocket Launcher, Double Dare, Turkey Leg, Ratio, Harry Potter, Big Easy, High Note, Hello Kitty, Carver, Band Camp, Kool Aid, Steinbrenner, FNG (Lavalamp), Roots, Landline, Halpert, Falsetto, Slater

I mentioned that I am now a COVID survivor. I have already done my 10 day quarantine (Since Dec 22nd) and I only had a mild case (fever for 1 day, a few headaches, and a minor head cold). I actually was doubting that the positive test was legit (I have heard the rapid tests are 50/50), until I lost my sense of smell and taste (medical term is Anosmia).

I still have not gotten back my smell or taste. I urged the PAX to not take their senses for granted. Losing 2 of your senses overnight is not an easy thing. With smell and taste, no one can physically see that you are suffering, all beer tastes the same (like water), food is bland, you lose your appetite, you cannot smell flowers or fresh air, and some people fall into depression. The typical time it takes for these senses to return in many patients is 3-8 days. I am past that. I have read that some people have not gotten their senses back at all, and it has been months for them. I pray I am not one of those.

A big thank you to Slater who made a boat load of burritos, while discussing the birds and the bees with his son. I really wish I could taste the burritos that Slater made today. I bet they were awesome. I still had 2 of them.

Bauer is coming up a week from Friday.

Workout Date: