May 28, 2019

Killer B’s at Blazing Saddle

THE SCENE:  Nice, 70-ish with a gentle breeze.  The Blazing Saddle grounds in ship shape.  Pop-up stable tents ready.  Anticipation in the air as the Charity Horse Show approaches, just days away.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Done… and done again (after Meter Maid’s arrival)

15 Side Straddle Hop (standard) IC
15 Side Straddle Hop (fast tempo) IC
11 Abe Vigoda (“old man style” windmills) IC
10 Daisy Pickers (slow) IC
14 Frankensteins (alternating high kicks) IC
1 minute Back Planks
10 CMU Curl, Lift, and Press (upper body combo warm-up) IC
Mosey to playground
10 celebratory Burpees during interruption by train OYO
BLIMPS across field to Poplar Pike
(Back Planks till ALL IN)
Apple Turnovers back across field to playground
Mosey over gravel trail around horse arena to stables
(mumblechatter till ALL IN)
28 Burp-Ups OYO
Mosey back to shovel flag and CMUs
(Blades of Steel OYO on CMU till ALL IN)
Mosey with CMU to fountain.
11 Blockees OYO
28 Block-weighted Dips OYO
Mosey with CMU back to shovel flag
8 PAX (1 FNG) – White Collar (FNG), Hot-N-Ready, Cheesesteak, Speaker, Kudzu, Woody, Meter Maid, Webelo (QIC)
Actively tend to the important relationships in your life to prevent the natural deterioration that occurs over time by doing nothing.
Think of the important relationships in your life like a garden or flower bed… if you do nothing, what eventually happens?  Weeds invade.  And if it is not addressed, they get out of control and basically choke out whatever plant is attempting to survive.  On the other hand, if you are disciplined to invest in your relationships (2nd F, marriage classes or counselling, dates with kids, etc.), you will be better positioned to defend those important relationships from the effect of our broken world- to infect with its brokenness at any opportunity.  Relationships will be more likely to thrive in an environment where they are proactively tended to.  Seek accountability among other brothers.
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