August 23, 2020

Keys to success

Dog days of summer are upon us. It didn’t feel particularly hot today but its been consistently warm for a while. Huge crowd of ruckers doing work was a welcome sight!


10x SSH IC
10x Merkin IC

Game-a-palooza: PAX are encouraged to yell out a favorite board or card game at some point between now and end of workout. Increase reps by 5 each game that’s mentioned. When a game is yelled, do an increasing number of some exercise.
Each PAX has to participate at least once.

3 PAX yelled out immediately.
10 Merkins
15 Merkins
20 Merkins
YHC stopped the PAX to explain the correlation between them yelling out board games and the absurd pace of work we were doing. This briefly slowed the yelling.
Run until someone shouts out the name of a game.
20 Merkins
25 Merkins
Run – I informed the PAX that we are now in phase II
30 BBSUs for next game
35 BBSUs
40 BBSUs
45 BBSUs
50 Squats – PAX were encouraged to squat, ya know properly
55 yard sprints (a real crowd pleaser!)
Run to the flag
25 burpees to bring it home

We mostly ran as one group but split off into 2 groups at one point to make sure we didn’t leave any man where we found him. Landline, in particular seemed to embrace the suck and push the pace for that stretch.


2 keys to success to accomplish anything
1. Make a plan
2. Adjust your plan

I’ve often skipped step 1 – it can seem unnecessary, why not dive right in? Step 1 is where you visualize success and identify potential risks. Without step 1, there is nothing to adjust, you are rudderless. Step 2 is because your original plan probably wasn’t perfect. Perhaps the situation has changed or you’ve learned new information or maybe you’re just an imperfect person trying to plan something new. Regardless of the reason, don’t skip step 2. Also, don’t skip step 1.

This format was fun. Each PAX would smile like a 5 year old when mentioning their favorite game. Games are fun. Some of the named games were Spades, Chess, Connect 4, Bridge (strange family there…), Monopoly, Checkers, Chutes & Ladders.

We were in a less than ideal spot for sprints but the PAX seemed to enjoy sprinting curvy nature roads nonetheless. Burpees to bring it home were less fun.

PLC at the green mile is always a joy and today was no different. There’s something about the pace of Sunday morning that just makes it seem right. Nature Boy pulled up a tailgate chair. My first thought was weaksauce. My second thought was how many times I’ve sat uncomfortably on the pavement or curb for an hour + of PLC – brilliant!


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