January 2, 2021

Keeping it simple…





Warm o Rama

High Knees

Butt kicks

Daisy x 10

SSH x 20

Lunge stretch

Mountain climbers x 20

Phelps x 10

Tha Thing


Run to amphitheater

3 rotations

25 Merkins

25 Dips

25 WWI sit ups


Run to bike racks

25 bike racks pull ups

25 Merkins

25 Bonnie Blairs


Run to picnic area – we picked up two Willy Lomans at this stop (Trail Mix and Agassi from F3 Kansas City)

25 Durkins

25 Squats

25 seconds of side planks (each side)


Run to gravel beach

25 Merkins

25 Alt Lunges

25 LBCs


Run to Grass Field

25 Merkins

25 Bobby Hurleys

25 Jane Fondas


Run to Halfway Hill

Run up the hill (5 Merkins at the top)

Run down the hill (5 jump squats at the bottom)

repeat 5 times

25 bicycles


Run to the restaurant benches

25 Urkins

25 step ups with knee to elbow at the top


Run to start X – 4 minute of curls (oyo) 7 = 1 chin up



Word – Keep it simple – each PAX picked on word they wanted to focus on for 2021 – The PAX were encouraged to keep it simple and not try to bite off too much at one time.  



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