January 19, 2021

Keeping it 100 for the 4 24’s and an intro to “ARODS”


Pulled up to the fields, checked the phone 45  degrees collierville… 16 degrees (feels like 12) Naperville. Stepped out of the car in short sleeves and shorts. Pax begin to arrive and as the third got out of his car, I hear Speaker ask 2 pax “are you f3?” Welcome to the Lair!


Disclaimed – modify as needed, not a professional and we went through the 5 f3 core principles

10 motivators (ic)

10 daisy pickers (ic)

10 imperial walkers (ic)


Mosey to baseball field parking lot. Stop #1 and first set of keeping it 100. 

The first set of 100 was for Upgrade (Will Rucker) who did all 24 – we said his name and on count of three – one single clap


25 Irkins

25 Lunges

25 Dirkins

25 Mountain Climbers

Plank until all in

Mosey to second baseball field lot towards entrance

The second set of 100 was for Ricky Bobby (Spencer Jordan) who did all 24 – we said his name and on count of three – one single clap

25 Dips (using wood fence)

25 Bulgarian Split squats (using wood fence)

25 plank jacks

25 jump squats

Plank until all in

Mosey through forest to bridge near lake 

The third set of 100 was for Hobo (Tyler Poschel) who did all 24 – we said his name and on count of three – one single clap

25 werkins

25 shoulder taps

25 ARODS (a j-lo (side to side while in low plank) and a pickle pounder = 1)

25 second Al Gore


Mosey to gazebo near lake

The final set of 100 was for Paper Cut (Anthony Quinn) who did all 24 – we said his name and on count of three – one single clap

25 flutters

25 leg crossovers

25 knee to chest

25 same position but take arms and pulse towards sky like an upwards sit and reach movement

Stretch abs until all in

Mosey to Soccer Field

Burpees until all in

Said that two other guys kept it 100 as well  – Slater (Brandon Contreras) and Lochte (Harris Todd). We formed a circle and I had McQuack lead us in a quick abs workout in cadence as its his VQ next week. We had about 3 minutes left so I let the final keeping it 100 guy “speaker” lead us in howling monkeys. we got to about 4 as a group

1.9 miles overall

scattered throughout workout

13 – Dawson, Pup Tent, Band Camp, Utah, Ratio, Dial-up, Speaker, Steinbrenner, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Double Dare, McQuack, Turkey Leg

Read a quote from Martin Luther King JR

“People Fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other”

As people, we need to take the time to get to know eachother and hear the other point of view or the other side of the story. There’s a lot of speculation or even hate about other people that doesn’t need to be there if we just took time to better understand one another.

At f3 – we can be better with each-other. We often say the phrase “how you doing? or how’s it going” almost as if its like a “hello” – where it just ends with a Good. how about you? Good.. and we move on. Next time dig deeper – “How are you REALLY doing?” Take time to get to know your fellow brothers more and show that you care about them and it will make it all a lot more meaningful and impactful

10 motivators to start was a lot hard than I thought it would be.. not sure if i’d start with that one first again.

ARODs were a huge hit – especially for Steinbrenner

Prayers for Band Camps sister’s boyfriend that died last week in a car accident


Leadership opportunity thursday night via zoom – see announcements

O positives birthday Q on Friday at the Levee

Turkey Leg
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