October 25, 2018

Just Say Hello to Billy Blanks

THE SCENE: 52 Degrees, cloudy but despite the weather mans prediction, no rain.


Welcomed. Disclaimed . 100% attendance .


  • SSH – 51 IC
  • Overhead claps – 20 IC 
  • Stretch your legs – 60 Sec OYO


Dirty McDuece: 4 sets of 3 exercises, with each exercise being 12 4-count reps.  Each set ended with a 1/4 mile jog to the end of the road and a 1/4 mile jog back.

  • Set 1:  Merkins, BBSU, Squats.
  • Set 2:  Alternating Side Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Lunges.
  • Set 3: Werkins, WWI Situps, Monkey Humpers.
  • Set 4: Derkins, Crunchy Frogs, Tempo Squats

Time left over: 100 second hangs on playground. Goal was to just hang with straight arms for 100 seconds. T-Claps to Cheesesteak for being the only one to complete.

MARY: Dealers choice

  • Cheesesteak: flutter kicks – 37 IC
  • Slots: American Hammers – 33 IC

Had to get up because a car was coming and ran out of time .

5 PAX, 0 FNG– Barney, Billy Blanks, Slots, Cheesesteak, U-Rock (QIC)

Think about all the people who have showed up for you in your life who made you who you are today. They may not have been in a position where they had to show up at all but they made the choice to do it anyways. Challenged the PAX to show up for someone. Even if you don’t have to or if you think won’t get anything from it, show up for someone.

Billy Blanks really does not like when people do not say “hello” back and we need to figure out how to become part of the club in the Pickering Center. That bacon smell is really starting to get to me.

Q source lunch at Whole Foods Gtown tomorrow.