April 5, 2019

Just Don’t Make Eye Contact.

THE SCENE: YHC’s first of many visits to Ye Olde Forresteth. That is unless you count the Crucible.


The Crucible… ????


Started going all high and to the right on a welcome and disclaimer replete with a mission statement and encouragement to lead and then somebody (might’ve been Handsy) was all like “HEY! We’re all seasoned F3 war veterans out here. We don’t need this!”. Point immediately taken. Moved on to…


  • 1,2,3, Touch the Deck
  • Quick Feet/High Knees
  • ISW x10IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15IC


Dora Style!

PAX partnered up sharing a CMU between them. Partner 1 performs exercise while partner 2 runs suicide sprints to 10, 20, and 30 yard line with 10 SSH performed at the 30 then flapjack. Continue until the following exercises are completed:

  • 150 Alternating Offset Merkin
  • 150 CMU Squats
  • 150 Reverse Crunches

INTERMISSION: The PAX were pretty smoked at this point so we took a little break to knock out YHC’s patent pending CMU Circle-O-Greatness!!. (imagine :awe_yeah_lit: right here) PAX on their six in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, odds holding CMUs. On YHC’s command begin passing CMUs in the clockwise direction until Q’s gets tired then reverse. Rinse and repeat.


Suicide drills using bearcrawl/crawlbear as MOT.

  • 10 Merkins at first line
  • 10 BBSU at second line
  • 10 squats at third line


CMU sit ups. Partner up. On your six facing each other and lock legs for stability. This is where things got a little… well… awkward. ???? The PAX felt a little iffy locking legs like that. YHC might not have thought this through. It wasn’t quite scissoring but it felt close. Luckily YHC was the odd numbered PAX and sat partnerless off to the side doing lonely CMU BBSU and telling the rest of the PAX to just avoid eye contact. Anyway, all that was just to say that the PAX performed sit-ups passing the CMU back and forth until time ran out.

That’s right. UNTIL TIME RAN OUT! We spent like 5 whole minutes on that noise. Seems like a pretty short time unless you’re the one out there gittin it! (and scissoring. Sorry about that.)

9 PAX: Handsy, Bottomless, Chioccetti, Dewey, Teachers Pet, Jail Bait, Toaster, Easily Amused, Soulja Boy

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”     Luke 6:45

YHC had the opportunity to talk about this verse in an object lesson with the 2.1 (Some of you know him as Emmett) and regaled the tale to the PAX.

The Old Forrest is ????! Can’t wait for my next visit.

Old Forrest PLC is equally ????!

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Confirmed guys night at Handy’s place on saturday from 1930 to ????. Final Four game’ll be on the tube. Plenty of soda, snacks, and brew but feel free to bring some if you’d like. Beans will be there doing his nails.

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