December 12, 2020

Just a Sip

THE SCENE: 50’s. Vengeance and Lochte out at 4:45a for a pre-pre ruck. Monsters. We had 11 ruckers (couple pre-runners) at the 5:30a ruck and it was great to see ‘One and Done’ out there from the Long Lost PAX list.


This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional, but I did complete GoRuck Pre-Selection. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify exercises as needed. I assume you came for a taste of what pre-selection was like; I’ll give you a sip, because we don’t have sandbags, rucks, the ocean, cadre, or 24-hours.


  • 1:00 High Knees – during the disclaimer, no time to waste.
  • 30x SSH IC
  • 15x Prisoner Squat IC
  • Crowd Pleaser
    • 1:1 > 5:5 > 1:1 Merkins:Groiners
    • “Down, One” : “Up, One”


  • 4:00 EMOM, 5 burpees then AMRAP exercise
    • Example: 5 burpees + AMRAP Squats until 1:00, then 5 burpees again… until 4:00 up.
    • Jungle Boi Squats
      • Bear Crawl ~100 yds
    • Merkins (Regular, Wide)
      • Crab Walk ~100 yds
    • American Hammer
      • Duck Walk ~100 yds
    • Dips
      • Duck Walk ~100 yds
    • Carolina Dry Docks
      • Walk Crab ~100 yds
    • No Surrenders
      • Crawl Bear ~100 yds
    • Leg Raises / Heels to Heavens
  • 12s on Hill
    • 12 Merkins and 12x 4-ct flutter

Incorporated into the workout.

19: Barnum, Carver, Chef, Couch Potato, Croissant, Hobo (QIC), Laettner, Landline, Lochte, Mudpants, Paper Cut, Photoshop, Ryan Howard, Slater, Speaker, Teacher’s Pet, Tremor, Upgrade, Vengeance

It is easy to be overwhelmed by large projects/endeavors, whether in your fitness journey, projects at work, relationships at home, etc. You need not dwell on the larger picture for too long, but break it up into the smallest possible units you can and focus on completing those. If you want to become a pull-up monster like Mudpants, don’t focus on how great he is and how far the gap is, just focus on getting 1 pull-up every time you go by the bar: baby steps. If you feel you are struggling as a dad and want to get better (you should) just focus on the smallest thing you can do: a hug, a smile, wash the dishes tonight, etc. Once you make a small amount of forward progress it will propel you to do the next small task and pretty soon you’ll be like TombRaider (well, unlikely, but it’s a lofty goal).

Speaker mentioned to me before Pre-Selection that it was okay to quit, but only if I looked at the task at hand and said, “I can’t do this for another 60 seconds”. If I could do the task at hand for the next 60 seconds, then do it. There were several times when I was exhausted and the cadre had reset my reps back to 0 and I just had to keep looking at the next rep. One small success at a time.

It was a pleasure to see 18 men out there grinding through the workout. It was a burner with constant effort and almost zero downtime. Landline was a duck walk king. He claims it was his asian heritage.

Check Slack.

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