December 13, 2017

Jurpee Infestation

Workout: Levee

Conditions: A crisp 31 degrees

Q: Billy Blanks

PAX: slicnut, Raven, Slots, Dirty Bird (FNG), Rabbit, Scrooge, Woody, F150, Money Bags, Moneyball, C-lo, Anklet,



Jumping jacks x 25 4 cadence count
Imperial walkers 15 IC 4 CT
Squats x 20, IC 4ct
Merkins x10 IC 4 Ct
Arm Circles forward and backward x20 each way
Stretch what you want

Tha thang

Mosey to baseball parking spots. Mosey mixed with calisthenics around parking lot (high knee, butt kick, Carioca, side shuffles

*Jurpee Rounds example
At each peninsula in the lot, PAX will stop and do 10 burpees and then 10 Jump squats at the next. Alternate until you hit next entrance (10 stops total)

Jurpees Round one-sprint peninsula to peninsula

Jurpee Round 2-Lunge walk and Bear crawl

Slow mosey to concession stand

Pair off into partners (random selection/didn’t care about sizes/excuses)

Partner 1. 10 Hand stand push-ups on wall or pike position
Partner 2. 10 box jumps on planter box
After each partner does one round of each, they Partner carry approx 30 yds then switch and switch then come back

Rinse and repeat

Jurpees Round 2-Alternate bear crawl and Lunge walk in between peninsulas

Mosey back to SF

ABC-focus on straight legs. Single leg letters while holding the other straight
Hip bridges x20
Hip bridges with knee squeeze x 20
Plank -C-lo 30 sec count=10 sec
Hip touches- x15 ic 4 Ct

Count o Rama
Name o Rama

Cot/BOM. Q talked about Philippians 4:4-9. It is packed with great ways to live. Don’t worry and give all your worries and anxieties to God so you learn what it means to have His peace. Live your life with honorable, good, just, etc. If you question any of it, look at that verse and see if it fits in.
Pray for Tiny’s Mom- health problems
Scrooge wife (Morgan)–doc appointment to see if she has MS
Phat Pat- dad struggling

Moleskin: Last scheduled Q of year. Really enjoy the chance to lead the workout and cut up with the PAX. It’s been a joy to watch us grow but also connect with each other. Welcome back to our Kotters! May 2018 be filled with shrimps, log rolls and bear crawls.