November 28, 2020

It’s not on them, it’s on you.

THE SCENE: Crisp but sunny morning with a cool breeze.


Disclaimed. Not a professional.
Imperial Walker IC 15, Hillbillies IC 10, Daisy Pickers IC 10, Overhead Claps IC 10. Mosely lap around the parking lot.


Borrowed from a previous Tomb Raider Q: Sprint the long way and walk the short length. At each corner perform a specified exercise. With each lap added an addition rep. exercises at the corners were squats, hand release merkins, jump lunges and burpees. Did a total of 5 laps.

Did 3 sets of the following: 10 Plank Jacks, 20 LBCs, 30 Mountain Climbers.

25 Side Straddle Hops IC.

Elevens: Hand release merkins and Flutter Kicks.

Rinse and repeat the previous 4 corner routine starting at 5 reps per exercise and reducing by 1 each lap.

No Time


Chef, Barnum, Nature Boy, Deborah, Tremor, Yardsale, Couch Potato, Bill Nye (Willy Loman) Fourteeners (FNG) Orange Julius (QIC), Laettner, Turkey Leg, Hobo


Taken from “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday

“If someone is slipping up, kindly correct them and point out what they missed. But if you can’t, blame yourself or no one.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 10.4

A good teacher knows that when a student is failing, the blame falls on the instructor, not the pupil. How much more generous and tolerant would we be if we could extend this understanding to other spheres in our life? To be able to see that if a friend is unreliable, maybe it’s because they don’t know what’s wrong or because we haven’t tried to help them fix their flaw. If an employee is underperforming, just talk to them or figure out if they’re lacking in support. If someone is being annoying, try talking to them about the problem with their behavior or ask yourself: Why am I being so sensitive? And if this doesn’t work, try letting it go. It might be an isolated incident anyway.

Great to have both a Willy Loman and a FNG!
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