February 9, 2018

It’s a Race! Weekend Preblast: 2/10-2/11/18

Just a couple things to note as we head into the weekend…

Saturday, 2/10

0530 Ruckership at the Mothership – Gus on Q

0700 Bootcamp at the Mothership – Gus on Q – Bring a CMU. If you don’t have one, buy one at your hardware store for less than $2. A real HIM will buy an extra to share with others.

~0810 at the Mothership – THE RACE TO END ALL RACES (turn your volume all the way up and click here) – After months of empty talk on GroupMe, YHC laid the hammer down and called for a race to end this debate. Who is faster? In Lane 1, we have our esteemed Nantan, Gus, self-appointed GMT Champ and self-declared Fastest Man in Memphis. YHC has seen him rumble past some of our fastest guys. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. In Lane 2, we have Phat Pat, the Pretender to the Morglian throne. YHC has known PhP for a long time. When YHC met PhP, PhP was a buck fiddy and quick as a piston lubed with Slicnut. PhP has since grown wiser and girthier and beardier, but YHC believes the speed still lies within!

0700 House Clean-up Grand Finale at Ms. Bailey’s – Four Eyes on Q – This is the final phase of this project. We’ll be cleaning out the sheds in the backyard so Ms. Bailey can prepare to sell her house. Bring wheelbarrows/shovels if you have them. We need about 8 HIM to knock this out in an hour or two. We MAY even be able to finish and make the race. See the prior preblast for more details. If you need the address, please contact Four Eyes, Gus, or Soybean.

Sunday, 2/11

0530-0700 OTB Ruck at the Barracks – Soybean on Q – We’ll try to push a 14:30 pace and get in at least 6 miles in one big loop – check groupme for the route.


The Annex AO is officially making the move to Bert Ferguson Park in Cordova starting next week.