February 12, 2020

It takes two to tango, but only one to do pull-ups and Sprints

SCENE: Light rain, 40 degrees


04:56 – YHC shows up to do some pre-pull-ups

04:59 –  Anybody else coming to do pull-ups better hurry up

5:03 – Doesn’t look like anyone else is coming

5:05 – Mosey down to the stables for some pull-ups

10 pull-ups, 10 BBSU, rinse and repeat

5:24 – Mosey back to shovel flag to meet up with everyone coming to run sprint intervals with Speaker

5:28 – Nature Boy rolls up. He can’t stay to run, but has muffins for Speaker’s bday

5:33 – Still just me and Nature Boy

5:35 – Nature Boy leaves to go to work, and I mosey over to track by myself

5:36 – I really wish I’d asked Nature Boy to leave me a muffin

5:40 – Sprint intervals

Sprint 400m, walk straightaway and back

Maybe I did 10 of these, maybe I did 2.

Maybe I ran them all in sub-70 seconds, maybe I didn’t.

Not sure what time I stopped, but I heard a train whistle way off, and got the heck out of there, before I had to burpees in the rain by myself.

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