May 21, 2019

Is this a mental test?

THE SCENE: 64° clear and dewy


Nothing professional about this except the disclaimer.

Arm circles x 20
Reverse arm circles x 20
DPs x 20
IWs x 20 IC

Demented Diego 1-2-3

Partner 1: Bears n Blocks

Partner 2:
100 – ‘Merkins
150 – Overhead press w/ block
200 – LBC
250 – Block Curls
300 – Bobby Hurleys
350 – Squats w/ Block

Got back earlier than expected so

11s – Burpee, sprint to curb, Merkin, Bear Crawl back, got halfway through 

Freddy Mercury x 30
American Hammer x 30
Wall Sit til END (~2min)

20 PAX, 0 FNG, 1 IG: Dial-Up, Coach K, Woody, Captain Obviously, SlicNut, Corky, Anklet, Vector, Meter Maid, Black Diamond, Barney, Pronto Pup, Watchita, Fishnet, Rainbow Warrior, Motel 6, Scratch, Roots, Pablo, Photoshop 


Developing Faith

Faith is a muscle that must be developed. While faith is being developed, faith is also improving our character: trustworthiness, self-discipline, tenacity, creativity, loyalty, and boldness. 

I love sports, like basketball, football and soccer. Every champion (or championship team) had to, by faith, develop to their potential. To begin, they had to create the culture of growth and agreement from all aspects that may influence the outcome: Muhammed Ali “I’m the greatest,” Kobe Bryant “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games.” Both these men will treat practice like Game 7 or The Rumble in the Jungle. That’s how you develop the muscle. Match the behaviors and relationships to the desired outcome. This may require moving on from relationships and social settings that do not edify, or agree with your purpose.

Changing behavior to match faith is called agreement. Agreement leads to development.

Thought of these song lyrics post COT:  Lately been down so low, My faith seems to come and go…But you help me see again, This world is not the end…When every day is just another struggle, And every choice is an act of war, Gotta pray, gotta press on, to the prize worth fighting for…The battle rages on but your promise keeps me strong.