August 8, 2018

Is it the drugs?

THE SCENE: A little heat lightning on the way from Bartlington. Felt good outside though. YHC reached out to the AOQ about weather status, and Bookworm said everything looked good from his bathroom, but he did hear a little thunder. Proceeded with cautious optimism.

Always the best disclaimers. Did mention possibility of lightning. Still optimistic though as YHC gazed upon the giddy faces of 8 HIM ready to Ruck. 


PAX paired up, each pair taking a 40-60lb sandbag with them. They were instructed to only carry the sandbag on one shoulder. Your QIC had some GrowRuck training plans on his weinke this morning.

PAX took off down the street. LIGHTNING BOLT FROM CLOUD TO CLOUD. Bookworm immediately called ENDEX. EVERYONE WAS PISSED. But we knew it was the right call. Sadly. Official time 5:21am, military time.

QIC even instructed Beans earlier to check on the other AO’s etc. since Grumpy Gus’s normal Weather announcement had not been posted, and YHC knew that a former lifestyle of brain melting drugs were a little more prevalent in some AO’s (inner loopers) than others (the clean outerloopers). Beans performed this task dutifully. What a Weasel Shaker! The best, even.

Even less necessary.

8 Disappointed PAX, and no FNG’s.

Various COT’s were shared, per the rules of a true F3 workout, of which this was one, at the Starbucks on Highland. COT topics included, but were not limited to, the phrases that Phat Pat will say to the Cadre should they make us strip and get blindfolded during GrowRuck. NTTAWWT

Hitch stole my Rucker 2.0. (But then he paid me for it)
Turns out every other AO was also cancelled this morning, except one… the same one that has homeless people in the bathroom from time to time, and empty needles strewn across the parking lot. Is this merely a coincidence?
100% Coffeeteeria participation. T-CLAPS to the 2FQ for pulling that off!
Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, and Pirtle all posted at Starbucks with us. TP and Pirtle looked a little lightheaded.
This was def a workout, 100.

Popstar does Hot Yoga instead of F3.

Carolina Watershed today at 1pm for lunches!! For GrowRuck!!
More GrowRuck.
BOLO for a Woodpecker Black-Ops Q at Tom Lee before Carolina Watershed, for GrowRuck!!