August 18, 2018

IronPax Week 2: CMU’s on CMU’s

THE SCENE: Old Forest: Buggy and Muggy. 75 and high humidity. I got bit by lots and lots of midtown’s finest skeeters.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes, especially instructions about not hurting our backs doing thrusters and swings.

SSHx15, IWx15, Daisy Pickerx15, Windmillx15, Mosey Lap.
This was the workout, per F3 Greenwood’s Iron Pax Challenge Week 2.

  • 8 min, as many rounds as possible of:
    • 25 reps
    • 25 yard out and back run
  • 2 min mandatory rest.
  • Round 1: CMU Thrusters
  • Round 2: CMU Curls
  • Round 3: CMU Swings (a la Kettlebell Swings)
  • Round 4: CMU ManMakers
    • Our CMU’s varied a lot. YHC made sure to get a gazelle CMU. Pirtle definitely had a clydesdale CMU. That sucker ain’t no joke.

16 PAX: Sir Mix A Lot, Handsy, ISS, Jailbait, Doc Hollywood, Teacher’s Pet, Dewey, Pirtle, Book It, Pastor Dodge, Sgt Minor, Bottomless, Four Eyes,  FNG’s: Jameis, Guinea Pig, Backhand.
Insert the WORD here.
Bottomless and Handsy are crushing it with AOQ duties. Flags were unfurled, FNG’s were begloved and beblocked faster than they could say “side straddle what?” This workout was a total gasser. MAJOR props to our leaders in Memphis on this one, Slots and Bombay.
Thursday night, 8pm – 10pm, helping clean/prep at the Connect Language Center, 5340 Quince Rd. Fantastic opportunity to help World Relief carry out care for the oppressed from other nations as they seek to establish a new home here. See pre-blast or contact Four Eyes or Teacher’s Pet for more info.