August 1, 2018

Iron Pax Pre Season Pain Up North

THE SCENE:  It was 74 and quite pleasant – I do believe the air is fresher at the Cockpit

  • I am not a professional
  • You are participating at your own risk
  • You are responsible for your own wellbeing
  • You are not being paid to be here and I am not getting paid either
  • Know your limits, do your best, push yourself and modify if needed


  • The mission and principles of F3 were also stated as will always be a custom when YHC Qs from now on
  • Burpees x 10 OYO (Soulja Boy was not happy – “man, I brought the flag”)
  • This was in honor of Pops
  • SSH x 20 – 1st 5 IC, next 15 silent (have to end on time or there was a penalty)
  • YHC failed miserably on this (got distracted by the engulfment of the fresh air by my nostrils in our Northern Suburb) and did not end with the other PAX therefore 5 bodybuilders were called for which all paid
  • Rinse and repeat – SSH x 20 – 1st 5 IC, next 15 silent (have to end on time or there was a penalty)   good thing – we would have had to do 10 this time
  • YHC was bound and determined not to repeat my 1st attempt and thankfully we all ended up together at the end
  • So F3 Greenwood has laid down the gauntlet for an August weekly challenge.  They decided to do a soft launch and after checking with AOQ SouljaBoy the Cockpit was in for the preseason challenge.
  • The challenge was this:
  • ELAPSED TIME scoring
  • 1 round
  • 25 hand release merkins
  • 100 yard bear crawl
  • 25 hand release merkins
  • 100 yard bear crawl
  • YHC realized that in my experience in F3, we usually haven’t bear crawled 100 yards at one time (or maybe I just havent been exposed to it) and there is a very good reason why!   IT SUCKS!!!!!
  • All the PAX pushed through and finished with some significant mumblechatter and we all wondered in our minds what the weekly challenges will look like if this is merely “preseason”

So because of this IronPax preseason challenge, YHC decided to modify the Weinke and take us on a short mosey over to the bridge.

  • On the bridge we did the following
  • Round 1
  • 20 Derkins OYO
  • 20 Dips OYO
  • 20 Merkins OYO
  • Round 2
  • 20 Mountain Climbers OYO
  • 20 Groiners OYO
  • 20 Merkins OYO
  • Then we moseyed over to the tennis courts for a change of scenery
  • Round 3
  • I don’t really remember but it was 20 of 3 different exercises (YHC fail – this is why you post your BB ASAP)  1 was Seal Jacks for sure…..maybe BBSU- ugh!
  • Round 4
  • Quick sprint – fence to center service line, fence to far baseline, fence to fence
  • Round 5
  • 40 Merkins OYO
  • 60 Squats OYO
  • 80 Overhead Claps OYO


  • Flutter Kicks IC x 20
  • Baby Makers IC x 20 1/4 (forgot to say halt on 20 count)

YHC shared with the PAX a blog post he recently read titled “Don’t be a Lone Ranger Whenever You are Burdened” which YHC has struggled with from time to time over the past year.


The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10) 

MEDITATION:When problems arise, or you feel overwhelmed, what do you do?Do you try to resolve the issues yourself, or do you seek help?Since many have a desire to always be in control, solving problems ourselves is a natural tendency.

But does God want this kind of independence from those who worship Him?As children, we ran to our parents whenever we had problems, or hurt ourselves.Why? Because we knew we could depend on them to help us.That is exactly the kind of relationship God wants to have with His children.

When Paul was talking about God’s mercy and compassion, he said:It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy. (Romans 9:16)

Sometimes we have a tendency to rank our needs and group some of them in a category we call, ‘I won’t bother God with this these’.However Jesus invites us to come to Him with ‘anything’ that burdens us.“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)He doesn’t tell us to come to Him with only certain types of issues.

And when we come to Him, we will not be disappointed, because His Word assures us that He can provide what we need (which may be quite different than our ‘wants’).He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. (Isaiah 40:29)

ACTION:Have you been faced with overwhelming issues that seem to have no end?God calls you to come to Him with anything that burdens or worries you.Sometimes we fail to go to Him, because we want help immediately and we want to talk to someone we can see. God’s help may not fit our timetable of expectations, but He is God, so His timing is better than ours could ever be.His delay might be for the purpose of strengthening us in a specific area of our life. Another reason some fail to go to the Lord is, we have too much pride to admit we have a problem.

Don’t be a Lone Ranger – your F3 brothers will be here for you when you need them!  Lean on them and let them help you even if it’s just by lifting you up in prayer


  • Second time at the Cockpit and was humbled to have the opportunity to lead these HIM in a fundamentals workout
  • IRONPAX preseason challenge was no joke!!!!  Can’t wait for the first weekly challenge!  I have a feeling it is going to suuuuuuuuuuuuuck so good!
  • Not sure if the workout was “diabolical” like SouljaBoy pre-blasted but it smoked YHC
  • Enjoyed meeting Short Timer and always a pleasure to be with SouljaBoy near the Navy compound


  • GrowRuck is coming to Memphis September 21-23 – sign up before they hit the cap at 70
  • F3 Memphis helping launch F3 Mobile and F3 Martin – check out the pre-blast from week of July 30 for more information
  • Phat Pat is on Q Thursday