August 17, 2018

Iron Pax Challenge Annex Ed. Episode 2

THE SCENE: Why are we having such glorious summer weather! It was a mighty fine morning for sweating.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given. Extra emphasis on CMU / Coupon care. If you believe you are inured please stop, don’t keep going and potentially make a minor injury worse. Brief silence for O-Pos and Cataract. Snowman graciously requested to Clipboard Q while his injuries heal up as well. Speedy recovery gents!!!!!
Barely time. We stretched OYO, Billy Blanks led in some SSH while YHC got a timer set up.

Iron Pax Challenge Week 2. Each set was AMRAP for 8 min with 2 min of mandatory rest between sets. After 25 reps of a set run 25yds and back. Proper form was demonstrated for each exercise. Form checks were called out by participants and were appreciated.

  • Squat Thrusters W/Coupon
  • Arm Curls W/Coupon
  • Kettle Bell Swings W/Coupon
  • Man Makers W/Coupon

She never showed.
7 Pax, Slots, Orange Julius, Billy Blanks, Grimace (2nd appearance), Cheesesteak (1st time to experience the glory of the annex), Snowman (Clipboard Q…… MVP for the challenge), Speedy on Q
Words spoken about Legacy and purposeful living.
The Pax Killed it on this challenge. Everyone stuck with it and kept on trucking… lots of encouragement from everyone. HUGE T-Claps to SNOWMAN who volunteered to come out and clipboard Q for the Annex! Even brought Coffeteria which was enjoyed by his floorboard.
Grow Ruck. 1st anniversary this Saturday