July 17, 2018

Iron Hulk’s Tire Dora

THE SCENE: 75 ish, sticky. Dew errrrwhere.

Yep. Good work @bookworm. 

10xSSH, 10x Willie Mayes Hayes (side to side knee bends, very helpful after @bottomless destroyed us with burpees yesterday), 10xSSH, 10xIW, 10xSSH, 10xDaisy Pickers.

Mosey to numbered parking lot (~.25mi) for Iron Hulk. Ratio of 1:4, in cadence merkins to in cadence air shoulder press. We Merked 1, we pressed 4, then 2:8, up to 5:20. FEEL THE BURN.

Mosey around Union Ave up exit ramp to Hollywood, back to parking lot at Avery and Hollywood.

We undid our Iron Hulk back down from 5:20 to 1:4. Good stuff.

Mosey back to startex.

Mosey to Rugby Field, grab a big tire.

3 Pax exercised Dora style while 2 ran around the nearest field goal post.

As a group, we did: 150 Box (Tire) Jumps, 200 Dips, 50 Flips (with three Pax on the tire for each flip).

Mosey to Startex.

10xFreddy Mercury, 10x Groiners (@Sir Mix A Lot : “MFG’s”), 35x Imperial Walkers to end our time.

5 Pax, No FNG’s: Bookworm, Costello, Old Man Hitch, Crayfish, Four Eyes
Bookworm shared about his grandfather’s death and how it is hard to lose someone we know well, and also hard to lose someone we wish we knew better. His grandfather pastored a church for many years in Binghampton, where Bookworm is now an active community servant. Let’s be on the lookout for ways to build our own family relationships, to honor the legacy of those before us, and to offer opportunities/challenges for others to strengthen their families as well.
The Sandlot keeps delivering. Hills, Tires, perfect mile loop, pullup bleachers….the hits just keep coming. A veritable Michael Jackson. I noticed that somehow after I was covered in grass clippings, Old Man Hitch was perfectly clean. No tire marks on his arms. No. Grass. Anywhere.
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