February 12, 2019

Indian sandbag toss

THE SCENE: So much glorious mud. The sky Q gave us buckets of rain last night but not a drop this morning. We put that mud to good use

Grab a CMU and mosey to the field. 
SSH x 34 *Some PAX tried to find a non-muddy spot for these, lol
Up-downs (2 rotations)
Willie Mays x 10
Imperial Walker x 11 

Form a line. Man on the left tosses the sandbag as far as he can. Everyone who’s not throwing the bag performs the called exercise. Next man runs to the bag and tosses it and so on. After each man has thrown the bag, the entire group advances to the bag position and a new exercise is called. 

  • Curls
  • Dirkins
  • Jump Overs
  • Overhead Press
  • BBSUs

Mosey to the stables for pullups. 3 sets of 4. PAX were encouraged to use good form and to switch grips between sets. 

Fortunately, we left our sandbag and CMUs on the wrong side of the field, so we got to take them back to startex. 

Repeat Indian sandbag toss

  • Squats
  • Irkins
  • Curls
  • Burpees
  • BBSUs

No need to return to the parking lot since we were already acclimated to field conditions. 

Hello Dolly x 20
Flutterkicks x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
WWI Sit-ups x 34

7 (0 FNGs)

What a difference a year makes. A year ago, I was in good physical condition but unwilling to even consider doing any sort of mud workout. Today, I embrace the suck. I’m so thankful for my F3 brothers. 

There is simply no substitute for taking your daily red pill. Taking it in the mud is somehow even better. I love the mud. Mostly, I love seeing the PAX reaction as they accept their fate. However, Sparky loves the mud even more than me. He’s like a kid in a candy shop sliding all around. Love that guy. 

It’s time for a Blazing Saddles T-shirt. 

Also, thanks to my brothers at the Cockpit for enduring the BBSU variation of this workout. Their feedback helped vastly improve the full body effect of this workout.