August 6, 2018

Indian Ruck Run w/Midge

THE SCENE: The Levee.  Most of the Pax started the morning with a ruck before the Ruck bootcamp at 4:50.  The conversation was good and the fellas were nice and loose for the start of the ruck bootcamp.

Daisy Pickers w/rucks off (IC) x 15
Stretch what ails ya (30 seconds)
Form 1 line/place rucks in front of you/5 seconds to ruck up

Several of the Levee PAX were unable to attend the ruck sim from the previous weekend so I wanted to highlight some of stuff we did and threw in some other stuff.  Started with the ruck PT.

8-Count Body Builders (IC) x 10
SSHs (IC) x 15
Soul Crushers (Burpee onto ruck, clean ruck, press ruck) (IC) x 10
Ruck Swings (IC) x 25
Flutter Kicks (IC) x 25
Squats (Ruck on back then front) (IC) x 15
Overhead Press (IC) x 20
Ruck-to-shoestrings (IC) x 20
Merkins at curb
Bear Crawl as team
Merkins at curb
Bear Crawl back as team

Indian Ruck w/Midge (75# sandbag via Bombay)
Man in front of line starts with Midge.
PAX rucks and man in back run rucks to the front.  Same as an Indian Run.
PAX continues the Indian Ruck with each man in back run rucking to the front.
Once man w/Midge is last in line he run rucks w/Midge to the front.
Once back in front, next man in line gets Midge with help from # 3 and 4 in line.
I believe every man got 3 rounds with Midge and a few others got a 4th round.

No Mary.  We took the Indian Run/Ruck to the end.
9 PAX (No FNGs) Renfro, Billy Blanks, Wide Right, Meter Maid, Slicnut, Cheesesteak, Woody, Pops, Snowman (QIC)
From the F3 lexicon: CANDOR: Graciously telling the hard truth and demanding to hear it from others.

Changed things up from the typical COT and asked for the PAX to give some negatives and positives of my leadership during the workout.  The negatives outweighed the positives by far, but I expected it.

We will all become better leaders if we tell each other the hard truth.
Took most of this from the ruck sim the previous weekend that Soybean Q’d.  I thought it was awesome.  Especially the use of Candor which gave our team leaders points to work on, and by the last portion of the sim they had things rolling pretty smooth.

I butchered the $*&%@ out of the cadence of most of the ruck PT, and did horrible job explaining the Indian Run Ruck thing.  Never seen the PAX so confused.  After the 1st round the PAX started working well as a team though.

Wide Right complained a lot.

City Ruck Friday 6/10.