June 27, 2019

Inclined to Sprint

THE SCENE: Muggy and moist

SSHs, imperial walkers, hillbillies, daisy pickers, warm-up lap x1 with assorted gaits
Indiana Jones style group run in the garage.  PAX in the back sprints to front of line and yells “NEXT!” and next PAX sprints to the front and does the same.  We Indiana Jones-ed and we Indiana Jones-ed down.

Incline sprints ladder

  • STEP 1–sprint to first level, body bag builders x 7, mosey/recover jog down to ground level, hold plank ’til all-in
  • STEP 2–sprint (or close to it) to second level, body builders x6, mosey/recover jog down to ground level, hold plank ’til all-in
  • STEP 3–sprint (or at least run) to third level, burpees x5, mosey/recover jog to level 1, hold plank ’til all-in
  • STEP 4–sprint (or at least jog) to fifth level (apex of garage), shoulder tap merkins x5, mosey/recover jog to ground level, hold plank ’til all-in
  • Mosey back to track, 1 lap Indian run with PAX at the six stopping to do Jack Webb 1-5 before sprinting to front of line

American Hammers x 30 sec
Jailbait, Pirtle, Dewey, Chioccetti, Stromboli, Cheesesteak, TombRaider, Easily Amused, Doc Hollywood
C.S.Lewis quote: “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself bc it is not there.  There is no such thing.”  Our true fulfillment and satisfaction comes in being in relationship to our Creator and living out the potential He has placed inside of us.  We should keep this in mind at all times but especially in those times when we feel particularly dissatisfied, unhappy, restless, etc.  Plugging into Him makes us into HIM!
Chioccetti specifically told first-time-Barracks-attendee Stromboli that today’s Q wouldn’t have PAX doing anything dumb like Burpees since this was a track workout.  Lesson: Chioccetti should not promise things that he obviously cannot deliver on.
Nuff said