January 23, 2021

Inauguration Day Festivities

Welcome and disclaimer – Given


Shovel Flag was not present at 0530 so we did 5 penalty burpees but then former NANTAN Gus showed up with a flag and saved us.  Chef (AOQ) was late and proceeded to tell us he really doesn’t need an alarm clock anymore.  He was given a good razing by several PAX for this comment.


Warm O Rama

High Knees IC x 20

Butt Kicks IC x 20


Daisy IC x 15

Arm Circles IC X 10 each way


Tha Thing

Merkin Mile around the Berm – we stopped 6 times for 20 merkins

Ended at Start X

My M gave me some F3 workout cards for Christmas so I decided to try them out

Each PAX recevied a card face down then QIC asked each PAX to flip their card over one by one

QIC then flipped over a new card – the PAX card was the workout and the QIC card was the count

This is a great way to complete 20-25 minutes of a workout but I would not want to do it the entire time

All in all it does produce a solid workout and some of the items were rough like 100 Flutters and 100 calf raises!

Count and COT – 9 PAX

We discussed the impending inauguration of Joe Biden and I encouraged the PAX that regardless of their position on the new president we to be leaders in our communities and we need to aim to make the world a better place.  Honestly, I really cannot remember what I said and this is why you should do your BB right after the workout.  🙂

PAX – Chef (AOQ), Laettner (QIC), Mudpants, Moneyball, Gus, Yardsale, Photoshop, Lipton, Big Top


Prayer for peace and an end to COVID

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