July 31, 2019

“I’m gonna burn those cards.” -Flyer

THE SCENE: Comfortable temperature. Uncomfortable humidity. There was a layer of fog on the field, as we began our main workout, that slowly burned off.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done. Twice, as our FNG showed up as I finished my first disclaiming.

52x SSH IC

10x tempo squat IC
Jack-Ace: 10x burpees

Even # Card: Partner Carry from foul line to CF fence (quickly changed to far side of infield dirt, because foul line to the fence is a long-ass way to carry another human), perform exercise, switch spots and partner carry back

Odd # Card: Sprint to opposite foul pole, perform exercise, sprint back to foul line

Black Cards: Squats 10x # shown on card (eg: 6 of spades = 60 squats, split between you and partner)

Red Cards: Jump Lunges (2=1) 10x # shown on card  (supposed to be merkins, but YHC has been dealing with wrist issues lately, so last second switch)

Totals: 50 burpees, 320 squats, 320 jump lunges (2=1), 5 partner carries, 6 sprints

T-Bombs 10x IC

Hello Dolly 11x IC (cut short by the 6:15 bell)
Lochte (QIC), Woody, Roots, Halpert, Double Vision, Spirit Stick, Flyer, Beetus, Boudreaux, Linked-In, FanBoi, Pablo, Fishnet, Rooter, Pronto Pup, Master Pee, Bobby Fischer (FNG)
Everyone stay safe. There’s a lot of crazies out there, that we have no control over. So control the things you can, and keep you and your family as safe as possible.
T-Claps to our FNG, who splashed and rallied to finish the workout. This was a tough workout, made tougher (or at least much more leg-centric) by me subbing in jump lunges for merkins at the last second. PAX modified, when necessary, but everyone kept moving the entire workout. Well done!

The exercises seemed to come in groups. First 5 or 6 cards were all partner carries, then none the rest of the time. There were no burpees, until 4 straight face cards were pulled, including the last two that were pulled at the same time by Roots, resulting in 20 burpees (This was the low point in group morale for the morning)
Iron Pax Challenge coming up in September. Directed anyone interested in more info and/or signing up to Slack channel.