July 2, 2019

“I’m already down here,….. So what’s one more” – roomba

THE SCENE: shorts weather, sticky. Alot of people at the park this morning. Looks like some paid actors tossed together a dinky workout group on the tennis courts. We gave them a wide berth this time just to not embarrass them. Holes and poles were present. Sonic arrived and promptly ran a mile, then another during plc. #100
F3 WELCOME & Disclaimer. Given

IC ssh x 20, hillbillies x 15, daisey pickers (slooooooow) x 10, arm circles x 20. Ditched last movement cause my knees hurt…. Poor boy
Alot of cheekieness from the annexians this weekend. Flag shenanigans, mumble chatter galore. Chirped up early enough for me to modify my wenkie for this morning. Thanks to grimace – merkins, gun show – a run, rabbit (no show) 8ct body builders, choker (no show) Tony hawk somethings.

Merkin mile, quick pace. Lots of ehing going on during the jog. Each 1/4 we paused for 25 merkins and some card flips. A 5 or less had 5 reps added to it. Face cards = 15, aces 20, joker dealers choice 50

  • Spades – 8 count body builder (47 total)
  • Hearts – jump lunge (62 total)
  • Clubs – Carolina dry docks (91 total)
  • Diamonds – Tony hawk squat jumps (54 total)

Knees felt better after our mile so jump squat holds till time. This should be in every workout. It’s brutal
6 pax, roomba, grimace, sonic, gun show, tremor, Speedy (aoqic)
Disapointment sucks. See the opportunity not the obstacle.
Thanks to the 6. Sonic did yell @ roomba and pushed everyone the last 1/4. Great job. Got some heavy 345 commitments! Onward men!
4th convergence