October 14, 2019

If I get out of this hole, I’m going to Tupelo

THE SCENE: Woke at 0420, out the door at 0435 to meet a waiting Soulja Boy. We sat in the car waiting on Choker, who showed up at about 0438. On the road by 0440. YHC found a classic rock road trip playlist on Spotify. It was basically Choker’s Favorite Songs of All Time list. Perfect. The drive took about 90 minutes, which wasn’t bad at all. We arrived at the AO and the wind was a-blowin’ and it was chilly. There was a running car in the lot, with a couple of inhabitants. Sleeping, we think? Or maybe something more. The park has a local history center with some historic buildings, including an old diner named…Dudie’s Diner. The morning included many good “Dudie” jokes. Several F3 Tupelo PAX were out of town, but Pterodactyl (aka PT) showed up and we started…


SSH; Imperial Walkers; Daisy Picker; Windmill; Hillbillies; maybe something else I’m forgetting…

Mosey to the nearest soccer field with it’s very short grass and very neat lines. 

First up, BOMBS. Partner up. P1 starts on exercises. P2 backpedals across the penalty box, performs one star jump, runs back to start. 

50 burpees
100 overhead claps
150 merkins
200 big boy sit-ups
250 squats

Next up, Four Corners. PAX assembled at one corner and did the following together:

5 burpees, bear crawl across field to next corner
10 merkins, side-shuffle length of field, switching directions halfway
15 LBCs in cadence, lunge walk across field
20 squats, sprint length of field

Rinse and repeat Four Corners.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for some Mary. 

Flutter kicks, Gas pumps, Shoulder taps, low plank hold.

4 PAX: Pterodactyl, Choker, Soulja Boy, Soybean (QIC)

Faith, the Third Eff, is not about about adhering to a specific religion; it’s about not living for yourself. The High Impact Man lives to serve his neighbor. 

Awesome morning in Tupelo. Ballard Park is a great AO. Also, great coffeeteria spot at Strange Brew, a Starkville import. BOLO for a PT VQ coming soon!

3 more launch weeks ahead. Come get you some!