August 16, 2018

I’d Rather BearCrawl with a CMU on my Back Than Do Another ManMaker

Little bit o’ heat lightning, but no thunder.  Let’s do this.

I honestly don’t remember if I did this or not.  Between checking the weather and worrying about running out of time, I think we forgot it.  I’ll do it twice next time.


We elected to skip the Warm-O-Rama after reports of other AO’s running out of time when they did this week’s challenge.

IronPAX Challenge Week 2:

4 8-minute AMRAP sets of the following:

Set 1: Squat Thrusters w/CMU
Set 2: CMU Curls
Set 3: CMU Swings
Set 4: CMU ManMakers

Rest exactly 2 minutes between each set.  During each set, run 25 yards out and back after every group of 25 reps.  Score is total reps completed from all 4 sets.


3 PAX: Choker (QIC), Short Timer, and Tree Hugger

Last Friday night was the City Ruck Tour.  I had been looking forward to it for several weeks.  But, it was also the last week before school started back up, the last week of band camp for my 2.0, the week after our church’s VBS, and several other family commitments and activities.  We’ve had a really busy summer and by the end of last week we were spent.

My M is very happy that I found F3; I’ve started and soon quit numerous workout plans over the years, and she’s glad that this one actually works.  But her happiness with F3 will not last long if it starts taking too much time away from the family.  So I invited her to join us on the City Ruck.  Although she is a runner and has a regular workout routine, she has never rucked before.  So I would not have been surprised if she had declined.  I told her that I’d love for her to do it with me, but if she did not want to I would decline as well and we would do something else together – she would get priority.

Long story short, she accepted!  We rucked the city together, got some great exercise, had a really good time together, and she got to see a little glimpse of the brotherhood I’ve been enjoying the last six months.  More importantly, she was reassured that she comes first for me.  F3 is great, and the 2nd F is something we all really need.  But most of all, we need balance.  Make sure your M and 2.0s know that they come first.

1. Tree Hugger noted halfway through the kettlebell swings that he would have preferred the PlasticPAX challenge.  I concur.

2. Those ManMakers – holy crap.

8/18: 1 Year Anniversary workout at the Mothership

9/21-23: Growruck