October 16, 2018

I guess you could call it leg day at The Lair

THE SCENE:  It was 46 with a light sprinkle

Done  No FNGs

SSH – ICx 25

Imperical Walkers – IC x 25

Daisy Pickers – IC x 20

LAC – IC x 15 ( forwards & backwards)

Then a mosey over to the turf field


1. Start at the goal line lunge walk to 10 yard marker and do 1 merkin IC. Lunge walk to the 20 do 2 merkins…. and so on until we get to the other goal line .

2. Dips 3 sets of 10 IC. Followed by 20 Step ups , rinse and repeat

3. Starting at the goal line duck walk 10 yards followed by bear crawling 10 yards. Rinse and repeat until we reach the other goal line

4. Mosey back to the bench at the other end of the field.

5. Dips 3 sets of 10 IC paired with Erkins 3 set of 10 IC. Also I think we did 1 if not 2 rounds of Step ups.

6. Finally, Start at the goal line, 5 squats, and walk to the next 10 yard marked and do 10…. and so on jnrilnyou get to the other goal line. Halpert said we finished off with 275 squats. I guess, but know I was on fire

Jane Fonda IC x 15

LBC IC x 50
4 Pax, C-Lo, Sleep Number, Tiger Lily, Halpert

Love your family. It’s the most important group of people on this earth. If someone asks your family  if they are loved by you, what would they say? How would they respond? There are so many ways to show them that they are loved and don’t be afraid to show them in multiple way.


It was my first time at The Lair. I was excited and nervous at the same time to lead this group of guys. It was a great workout this morning. I like to leave a little time for Mary. LBCs are my favorite.

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