November 13, 2018

I am not a polar bear

THE SCENE:  33 degrees with a spiteful wind.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Check.  Chioccetti even repeated it back mid-workout.


SSH x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 12 IC (I don’t know if it was supposed to be 10 or 15.  All i know is a strong gust of wind temporarily numbed my brain.)
Squats x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
Arm Circles x 15 IC  (It was around this time Four Eyes arrived and performed an impressive medley of the exercises he had missed at 2.5x)
Reverse Arm Circles x 15 IC


Mosey to past all the puddles to Flicker Street.  Bear Crawl 1/3 of a mile to skate park, stopping every 30 seconds (ish) to perform Merkins x 5 OYO.  (This was cold.  Eventually our hands went numb.  We stopped maybe 2/3 of the way to perform SSH x 10 IC in hopes of returning feeling.  Then we almost got run over.  Good times.)

At skate park, perform the following:
–  Step ups x 5 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 5 OYO (feet elevated)
–  Step ups x 10 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 10 OYO (feet elevated)
–  Step ups x 15 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 15 OYO (feet elevated)
–  Step ups x 20 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 20 OYO (feet elevated)

Brief demonstration from QIC, then perform the following:
–  Dips x 5 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 5 OYO (feet hanging off ledge) (justifier also hanging off the ledge, rather than crushed like hopes and dreams.. Four Eyes asked for clarification on this point a few reps too late for comfort.)
–  Dips x 10 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 10 OYO (feet hanging off ledge)
–  Dips x 15 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 15 OYO (feet hanging off ledge)
–  Dips x 20 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 20 OYO (feet hanging off ledge)

Group up, perform 8-count body-builders x 25 IC

Mosey back to startex


Flutterkicks x 30 IC
Freddie Mercury x 30 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  Moth Balls, Jail Bait, Four Eyes, Chioccetti, Toms

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  YHC shared a thought from a recent sermon–that what we often define as “charity” is what the Bible defines as “justice”.  If I give food to the hungry, clothes to the cold, money to the impoverished, and lodging to the refugee, it would be easy think myself charitable.  God calls that something else.  If I don’t do those things, it is not that I am simply not being charitable–it is that I am not meeting the standard.  I am hoarding that which is not mine, to the detriment of those in need.  That is something far different than a lack of “charity.”  I would do well to keep that in mind.

MOLESKIN:  YHC was less than a good Q this morning.  Maybe it was the wind.  Maybe it was the constant sense of discomfort about safety while bear crawling through the street.  Regardless, my demeanor was less than confident.  Grateful for the opportunity to practice leadership with 4 HIMs this morning.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Lunch at WF East Memphis on Monday to discuss social justice.  Check Slack for discussion content and additional information.