How to Post a BackBlast!


As of November 2019, we now have a form on the website that makes posting a BackBlast much easier.  I’ll describe that process first; however, if you want to know how to do it the old way through the back end, or need to log in that way to edit an existing BackBlast, scroll down to the “THE OLD WAY” section on this page.


The BackBlast form is nice, but it has one drawback – it won’t let us prepopulate it with the BackBlast template.  So we added this intermediate step.  When you click on the “Submit a BackBlast” option on the website menu, it first takes you to the “Do This First” page.  The BackBlast template is on that page; just select all of the text and copy it.  You’ll paste it into the form on the next page.

***NOTE:  you don’t have to cut and past the template if you don’t want to – feel free to do your own thing – it’s YOUR BackBlast!)***

After you have copied the text, click the big red “Next” button to go to…


Here’s where the magic happens.  Fill out the fields on this form as follows:

  1. Title:  Give your BackBlast a title in this field.
  2. Content: Here’s where you paste in that template that you copied on the previous page.  After you paste it, replace all of the “Insert information about…” lines with the details of your workout.  
  3. AO / Categories:  Enter the AO where your workout took place.
  4. PAX:  Enter the names of the PAX that attended your workout.  
  5. QIC:  Enter your F3 name (or the name of whoever Q’d the workout if you’re writing the BB for someone else)
  6. DATE: Clicking in this field will make a little calendar pop up.  Click on the date that the workout took place.

Now click “Submit”, and you’re done!  If you want to advertise your BB to the PAX, copy the URL and paste it into #mumblechatter on Slack.

If you need to go back and edit a BB that you’ve already submitted, you’ll need to log in…




To create and publish your first BackBlast, login to the admin section of the site by clicking on “PAX” and then “PAX LOGIN” on the main menu.


Once you’re logged in, click on the “Posts” option on the menu along the left side of the screen, then click on “ADD NEW”.

It’s a pretty standard text editor from there, with formatting tools that you would expect. I’ve already entered some basic content as a template. You’ll simply have to fill in the details!

NOTE: Toward the top of the edit post page, attached to the top-right corner of the main content box, there are two tabs. Those allow you to switch between “Visual” and “Text” modes. Visual is the easier editor to use, with the same formatting tools as most text editors. Text mode is better suited to those who would prefer to write their own code, or publish a plain text BackBlast, with no formatting.  You can use the “Text” mode to clean up spacing or other stuff that the Visual editor tends to want to control.


We use “Categories” for our AOs (Areas of Operation) and we have a unique “Tag” for each PAX member. For categories, please select the AO location where your workout took place.  

Where to find CATEGORIES

Be sure to tag yourself (when QIC) and each of the PAX so that we/they know that they’ve posted!  This helps you find all the workouts you attended…and helps us see who’s attending, how often and keep track of who is winning!  (just kidding).  If you had FNGs at your workout, their tags might not have been created yet.  If you can’t find a tag for someone, contact the Choker on Slack. 

Where to find TAGS


Publishing your BackBlast to the site is easy! Just insert your content, select the appropriate AO categories, tag the PAX in attendance, then press “Publish” to make it live on the site.

There’s a “Draft” setting that allows you to save your work without publishing it to the live site (handy if you don’t complete everything in one sitting). There’s also a “Preview” button that will allow you to see what it looks like before you make it live.


If you get stuck, just shoot the ComzQ a DM on SLACK or send us an email at f3memphis[at]gmail [dot] com!