August 23, 2019

How Many Warriors are There?

THE SCENE: As I drive up 70, I see lightning off in the distance. Mother nature FEARS my weinke! I’m not shaken. Mother nature feels my HIMness and backs off at 5:28 with not a sound more.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Welcomed and disclaimed.


  • Side Straddle Hops – 20IC
  • Arm Circles – 8 little forward/big forward/little reverse/big reverse all IC of course
  • Daisy Pickers – 10IC

Dora 1-2-3 style partner work. 3 rounds planned, never seem to get to the third. One partner does counting exercises  while the other

  • Round 1:
    • 100 curls
    • 150 Goblet Squats
    • 200 Mountain Climbers (2 is 1)
    • Backwards walk with block/5 blockies/walk with block(burpee with a block)
  • Round 2:
    • 100 Warrior I Lunges (50R/50L)
    • 150 Gas Pumpers with block over chest
    • 200 Tricep dips
    • Walk with block/5 Around the World/Walk  with block   (Shallow squat, Make a Large “O” with the block in front of you.)


  • Superman Banana Roll 20IC (Hold superman (on belly, arms and feet 6″ off the ground), roll to banana (same thing but on your back), roll back, rinse and repeat).

Note: I made mention that you can use your hands if you need to roll, but its best if you dont use your hands as it works the rest of your muscles like your obliques. Someone asked where your obliques were. It seemed only fitting that next we did…

  • Oblique Crunches 10R/10L IC
  • Yoga cycle – Chair ==> Warrior 3 ==> Half moon ==> Warrior 3 ==> Chair. Did a couple of these. There was some grumbling and some mention of FIA. I let them laugh, but they still couldnt seem to do it *smirk*
  • Miracle Ear Crunches 5 OYO (Legs 45° in air. Crunch to knees, crunch to calfs, crunch to ankles, rest. Its a 4 count move of death.)

8 PAX – Miracle Ear (QIC), Birds-R-Real, Beef Log, Ice Cube, Choker, Commie, Liberace, Croissant.

The COT that Slots gave a week ago at Arcadia is still ringing in my ears. F3 is important and is an overall positive in my life. But we have to remember that our families and God still need to be our #1 priority. If we as dads, husbands, siblings, children, boyfriends, etc are needed, then that should take priority over F3. The point of all this of this is to improve our leadership. Its hard to be a leader if youre not there when youre needed.

Im finding Ive really taken for granted that Bartlett sprays for mosquitoes in its park. Ive been getting eaten alive at other AOs that are not the Morg.

While in the middle of Around the Worlds… “I never thought Id say Id rather be doing blockies” – Choker

I find that while I like the CMU for the added weight for things like curls, what I really like it for is introducing an element of stability into some of these exercises. Lunges with a block overhead forces more core engagement. Gas pumpers with a block overhead forces you to stabilize the CMU and you cant use your arms to slow your leg momentum. It leaves all of the control in your core. I know Im going to be feeling this workout tomorrow.

Also, I really love tricep dips. Ice Cube and I chatted about our mutual love of tricep dips over Coffeteria.

Commie heads out next week and we will all miss him greatly! Hes finishing up his first 345 this week to cap off his farewell. Hooah!