January 16, 2018

Honoring MLK: Run, Walk, Crawl

THE SCENE: 26 degrees, still.


⁃ side straddle hops x20
⁃Imperial walkers x20
⁃Hillbillies x20
⁃Big arm circles x10 (x2)
⁃Baby arm circles x10 (x2)

Mix A Lot opened with the MLK Quote:  “Run – if you can’t run, walk – if you can’t walk, crawl – but by all means, keep moving forward.” We tracked w that progression between each set:

⁃ sprint (run safely) to playground
⁃30 Merkins
⁃20 lunges
⁃10 knee-up pull-ups (help a brother if they need it).
Jog back to parking lot.
Round 2 rinse/repeat, but lunge-walk to playground.
Round 3 rinse/repeat, but bear crawl to playground.


Dealer’s choice
Sir mix a lot: American Hammer
Four Eyes: Dr W
Teachers pet: LBC’s
Handsy: 1 min low plank
Pirtle: Iron cross “dolly llamas”

5 Pax: Sir Mix A Lot (Q), Handsy, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Four Eyes.
As we go about our work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, do it it a way that is both healthy and also well-seasoned. When work is hard, when topics are not popular, we must not only do what’s good for others, but also bring it about in a way that is compelling as much as possible. No one is in to plain kale and boiled chicken, but when seasoned well those foods are both appealing and healing. May our work be the same!