April 8, 2020

Home WOD 4/9/20

THE SCENE: Nice workout weather forecasted after the overnight storms.

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer


Slow Daisy Pickers x 15

Arm Circles x 10 each way

Imperial Squat Walkers x 20

Stretch for a minute



All exercises and running are done with your CMU, ruck, sandbag, or other weight of choice.  Mix up the weights per exercise if you have options and want to…I did.  Otherwise CMU will do for all.

Run/ruck run 40 yards out then back between exercises…with your weight.

  • 20 x Blockees/Soul Crushers (Burpee onto weight, then clean & press weight)
  • 20 x CMU Overhead Triceps Extensions #FILLTHESLEEVES
  • 20 x Merkin pull throughs (Merkin, then pull weight under your chest to other side)
  • 30 x Big Boy Flutter Kicks (2=1 Flutters w/weight held over head)
  • 30 x Squats

Colt 45: Biceps burner from F3 Exicon.  CMU is a good weight for this. #FILLTHESLEEVES

  • 15 reps: Start at bottom of the movement up to the halfway point and back down.
  • 15 reps: Start at halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl and back to halfway.
  • 15 reps: Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up.

Dips x 30: Grab 2 chairs or use your car/truck bumper #FILLTHESLEEVES

Rinse/Repeat: BOMBS, Colt 45, and Dips

This will fulfill the 100 Tri’s for the FILLTHESLEEVES challenge.  Do 10 more curls to get 100 Bi’s!

MARY: 25 each of BBSUs and American Hammers

COT: 1st F-Set fitness goals to help stay motivated in isolation.  2nd F-Stay in contact with your shield lock or your F3 bros.  3rd F-Join the daily VCOT calls if you can.

MOLESKIN: I completed above WOD this AM.  The Blockees/Soul Crushers are a bit of a grind.  Colt 45 burns good if not rushed.  I miss F3 workouts.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Log your reps in the challenge tracker!


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