November 25, 2017

Homage to the Blakes

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Granola

PAX: 8 PAX: Bruce, Tiny, Snookie, Heavyweight, Shoestring, C-Lo, Billy Blanks, Granola, O+ (as encouragement & paparazzi)

Conditions: pleasantly cloudy & 56F

Other disclaimer: I drafted this workout before even seeing last Saturday’s Battle of the Blakes. Since only 7 PAX got to enjoy those festivities, it seemed reasonable to pay homage to the Blakes today.

– Shoulder Circles 11x IC (forward & backward)
– Slow 4 count Burpees
– Side Straddle Hop 20x IC
– Butt kickers 15x IC
– High Knees 15x IC


Transition: Counted off by 2s, stayed to the left & right of the benches on the right, being mindful to share path with other walkers. Mosey from SP to bathrooms.

Partner exercises
– One partner wall-sits while the other partner completes 25 big boy situps x2.
– One partner planks while the other partner completes 10 derkins off of their partner’s plank x2.

Do X to Y, then Z until all in. Rinse & repeat.
– Mosey
– Bear crawl (Tiny hulked out of his gloves)
– Butt kickers
– Side shuffle
– Lunges (way too long)
– Crab walk
– Broad Jump Burpees (also a bit lengthy–was hoping Outcast would magically appear when doing these…)
– High Knees
– Wheelbarrows (spicy)
– Sprint
– Backward mosey

– Usually to the benches on the right side of the path. Step up and then off.
– Dips 20x IC on one of the benches.

– Plank
– Squat
– Superman
– Side plank
– Winemixers
– Hollowbody
– Stand on one leg
– Shoulder taps
– Situps
– Al Gores

– Superman to hollowbody roll arbitrary timing
– Flutterkicks 20x IC
– High plank 30+ ish count

Almost forgot. Thanks Bruce!


YHC led PAX through brief guided meditation on meeting their future selves 5 years from now. Encouraged reflection on the quality of their life mission and relationships. Whose life are they making a difference in? Who is making a difference in their lives? What kind of husband/father/worker do they see themselves being?

Prayers offered for
– PAX abroad and in the fartsacks
– RedSox’s family during this season of job transition
– O+’s ankle

I’m always honored and inspired to be among F3 men. You can’t help but get better when you’re pushing yourself alongside other men who genuinely want to be better.

I had planned a special F3 Ultimate Frisbee workout as a plan B, but decided to do this workout because I didn’t want to back down from the opportunity to smooth out some of my rough Q’ing edges. I felt like I eventually got into a good rhythm. There’s no better place to learn and fail. PAX are very forgiving.

Lessons learned from my second Q
– No need to have counted off by 2s when there were only 8 PAX–created more confusion than clarity.
– Lunges take longer than expected.
– Do the hard thing. It’s worth it.