January 18, 2021

Hodgepodge Workout, tangled COT

37 and no wind, particularly, which is darn nice for this time of year.


As per my usual, the welcome and disclaiming happened, but in a gibbering and goofy fashion.  It’s folly to expect better out of me.

WarmUp  was:

Side Shuttle Hops (25) Counting up from one, as usual.

Deep Squats (15) Counting down instead of up, to see how that goes. (not great. it’ll take some getting used to)

Starting Block Stretches (30 count on each leg)

5 Burpees quick as you like.

Bear Crawl around the entire parking lot as a reminder that Tomb Raider kill’t us with bear crawls last month and he’s coming back next week!

I have four steel cookie sheets placed under either parking lot lights or with a small flashlight, scattered around the workout area.  There are 48 folding magnets split up among the cookie sheets (twelve each), all folded closed.  PAX split into, in this case, two groups and went to opposite far ends of the area.  At each station, moving clockwise, the groups would open a magnet strip and do 15 of whatever exercise was written there.  Randomness was encouraged, since the curation of the magnets was done for a different style workout and if they’d been performed in order, it would have led to some back-to-back-to-possibly-more-backs of one muscle group or another.  PAX were encouraged to run between the stations, so long as they weren’t crowding the group ahead of them.

The final seven minutes or so were taken up with a vaguely ‘Dodgeball’ variant that came to mind during the previous weekend’s BAUER Q by Paper Trail.

This time, there are three 12-sided dice placed in the middle of the circle of PAX.  In turn, each PAX runs in and grabs up a die to huck at another, random PAX.  If the die hits the man, everyone does 12 of whatever it rolls up on.  If it misses, the thrower does the 12 rolled-up exercise, while everyone else continues the game.  We ended on Alarm Clocks, heaven help us.

BillBoard, Altar Boy, Scarecrow, Teacher’s Pet, Climate Control, Boo Yah, Frisky, MIB, Barnum… and a returning PAX who apparently got called ‘Matlock’ before, but that names been otherwise used since.  We renamed him ‘AfterGlow’.

My COT was too scattered.  I intended one thing, then tried to adapt it to MLK Day (today), and I didn’t write down an outline or anything.  My extemporaneous public speaking skills were lacking, but the gist of it was:

The Assumptions You Don’t Know You’re Making Do You The Most Harm.  In my parent’s generation, many folks assumed that things were the way they were and they needed to stay that way- an incorrect assumption.  There are many assumptions people contrive or have that suit them, and they’ll defend them without evaluating them once, much less twice.  This is demonstrably wrong.  In the 1700s, when “Science!” was taking hold of the public consciousness, ‘Catastrophists’ and ‘Slow Changers’ argued over which forces had shaped the world we live in.  The arguments were heated and went on for a generation until it was seen that they were BOTH correct, and having gigantic arguments supporting one side or the other was entirely wasted time.  The World is not what’s in your head, or what you’re willing to fight over.  The World is a place larger than all of us, slow change (for good or bad) happen, and massive upheaval (for good and bad) happen.  We have to evaluate the good and bad, and we need to remember the old saying “Gullibility doesn’t show in a mirror” applies here.  What else does our mirror not show us about ourselves?  And what we see in that mirror is only ourselves. No one else looks in his mirror and sees me or you. They, too, see themselves.  We have to work to understand ourselves objectively, and to understand that others have to be afforded every right that we afford ourselves.

Dang.  I wish I’d written al that down BEFORE I tried to say it in front of people.  Hope I didn’t bobble it too badly and upset anyone.

The workout and the COT were both a hodgepodge.  I think the workout worked well- even with the insane Bear Crawl.  No one had a chance to get bored, anyhow.  Must remember to write down COTs like I used to.


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